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 Screensavers: List of Pushtimargiya Screensavers ( 5 files)

Shri Yamunaji's Screensaver (Hits: 551 Rating: 10 Votes: 3)
Screensaver of Shri Yamunaji

Screensaver of Shri Krishna (Hits: 551 Rating: 10 Votes: 2)
Wonderful Screensaver of Shri Krishna.

Gusainji & Mahaprabhuji's Screensaver (Hits: 591 Rating: 10 Votes: 1)
Screensaver of Shri Gusainji and Shri Mahaprabhuji !

Ashtasakha Screensaver (Hits: 278 Rating: 10 Votes: 1)
Screensaver of 8 Friends of Krishna !!

Sapta Swarup Screensaver (Hits: 497 Rating: 10 Votes: 2)
Sapta Swarup Screensaver of Krishna !!

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