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  Krishna & His Leelas
 The Nav-Villas 6th Episode
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Posted - 03 November 2004 :  05:00:52
Shree Radhaji started writing the "gatha" (letter) sitting under tree she was conspiciously, absorbed in this task. Lalitaji was pacing up and down in the close vecinity.

"Kya patra likhi rahiyo hai ya Kana ki yaad may khogai ho Brashbhan Dulhari?" Lalitaji said.

"Aray,sakhi may patra to likhi rahi hun, lakin tu utavali kiyu ho rahi ri." Radhaji answered.

"Kitani der se hum rahmay Khadai hai, lagta hai aap kisi pyarki gatha likhi rahi yo, looks like you are writting a romantic novel." Lalitaji teased Radhaji.

"Aha, hamari to Prem gatha to likhi raha hai hum, please let me finish this letter." Radhaji answered

Lalita approached Radhaji and said, "please Vrashbhanji ki pyari Dulhariji, can I read what you have written?"

"No, you can't read this letter, it is private," Radhaji said.

"But I am anxious and curious to know what you have written, perhaps I can help to put some inputs in the letter." Lalitaji said.

"Chal haat, natkhaat, what do you know about love, kabhi pyar kiya hi nahi," Radhaji pushed lalitaji away from her and hid the patti on which she wrote the letter.

Lalitaji fell on the ground and she cried with agony as she thud on the ground.She cried out loudly," ui maa, may to mar gaye!"

"What happened Lalisakhi?" Radha rushed to Lalitaji and knelt close to her. Lalitaji said,"Agar aap hamay Patra padhnai dogi to aram ho hi jayego, Please let me read the letter."

"Acha baba, anyway, I have finished writing the letter, here, letter nahi dungi to mera demag ka halvayi bana degi," Radhaji gave letter to Lalitaji.

"Aaaaah... ab maza ayega....Radhuraniju ki pyarki gatha...now I will read it to you Visakhasakhi." Lalita suddenly appeared to be happy and forgot all the agony of that push and the thud she had on the floor.

"Wah, Lalisakhi, I will definately like to listen you reading the letter. Perhaps I will be able to learn something from it, kiyu Radharaniji, mainay khub kahi na?" Visakha sakhi winked at Radhaji.

" Aray tu ki sikhogi, you could not even get your paintings from Madhumangal, badi ayi sakhnavali." Radhaji said and pulled Visakha sakhi's hand and twisted it and pulled faces at Visakhaji.

"Oh wo....dard ho raha hai, meri kalaya chod dijiyaga. My hands, please release it , it is pianful...please." Visakhaji tried to get her hand released.

"Chal chup chap meri aur baith," Radhaji said,"Ha to padh Lalitaji. Please read the letter."

{Personal note: The letter is 8 pages long and it is quite Rasa vai savah. It will be beyond my capacity as a Vaishnav to do any justification to reveal complete letter and staying within the boundary of Mariyada. So I have only edited this letter so it can be presented on Pushtikul web.}

Lalitaji started to read the letter:

Kana sun meri ye gatha

Priya Mukh dekhiyo pran raha lalchai, Murli dhoon shravan suni tatai rahio na jayi.Kavit ! svasti shree snehi lilaar riksujaan, jogiya likhitang Vijogini, Pap parasat hai.

[O love, since I have seen that lovely face of yours, and oh that lovely hym which so beautifully flows from your Bansi, I cannot resist it anymore. O my auspicious love, o man of lilas and its sensual rituals you indulge in thy dasi, o riksujaan, this Jogini is writing this letter. Although, I am not worthy of this but except this humble words from me as I am full of sins.]

Utka Kushal nishi din chaho pyarai lal.Etki kushal dekhi Savro daras hai.Aap ranch aab lo dhiyan dharikai dekhiyo pran pyarai. Aab hai nidan tatai vegi meel sar sahai. Kagad kahalo likhona Nagar velai, mukh sagar thanai ko sapan ek.

[You are wel-come to see me any time and I will promise a happy time o my Piyarelal.And my happiness is in your darshan o my love. Just spare me the fraction of a second and look into my heart, oh apple of my eye, o king of my heart, and you will see how much I am burning with desire to meet you. You will witness (nedan) that love for you is very strong and I am feeling helpless without your presence. Please come and meet me. Do not delay the answer to this letter, as I will be waiting to hear from you and then when I read thee letter, I will be be happy and my joy will fulfil the sea; Sea of Joy and I will sail on it in my sweet Dream boat.]

Aab sun mera manorath:

Aho Rasik Raiju, Tum sahaj sundar ho. So swaroop may Chitra may dekhiyo so, tum chitra may hoi ke, meray netra roopi darvajai may hoikay, maray rahdai may baso hai.Aur Tumhari murliko sabda saghan van may meray shravan may payiri, ta din ta hamnay Nabhi kamal may maha peeda diyo hai.

[O king of romance,you are really naturally beautiful. Since I saw your painting, your reverent beautiful face has entered into my eyes and it opened the door of my heart and resided in it for ever.And what can I say about that murli....the love flow of madhur (sweet) words from that murli which I first heard in Saghan Van, and since then it has given me that sweet wonderful pain in my "nabhi kamal."]

Meray maan roki rakhiyo hai. Rom rom thar thar kampat hai.Aur maray kantha pran ayi rahai hai. Etna may sagri dukh jano gay. Tum antaryami ho ta tay bahut kaho lo jinavu. Aapnai pran nathki kinkur dasi Radha virhamit ye gatha.

[It is with extreme difficulty I have acquired control over my feelings towards you. Every atoms of my body trembles when I think of you and virtue of my life span has just stuck in my throat, choking me lifeless. Now from all this you will know how unhappy is my life without you. You are mind reader (antaryami) so I will not insult you more and tell you about my predicament.]

This was the letter lalitaji read.

"Ya prakar ki gatha ham nahi likh sakeji, Radha this is a lovely letter I don't think any other sakhi could write." Said Visakhaji.

"Yes I agree with Visakha, although she is not wise in love?" Lalitaji teased.

"Then please deliver this letter to Nandan," Radha then took Gunja mala from her neck and pushed it into Lalitaji's hand and added,"Lalitaji, Visakhaji, tum begi se Nandanpa javo , tiha agay jakay yah Patrika aur Gunja mala ke haar mera nathko pahochavo, aur begi se pratiyutar lieo."

Well in next episode we will discover the reply from Krishna.

Daso no das Pushtidas

Dasa no das Pushtidas

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Posted - 03 November 2004 :  17:09:49
Jai Shree Krishna Keep up the good work Pushtidasji, this is a truely enchanting series, and great reading for all us vaishnavs here, and more importantly the Ras bhav so very well presented by you is admirable. While your Vraj bhasha really transforms one to the leele sthal, the breaks in english bring us back to were we are, which i think is nencessary for us, so as to not to cross our maryada. Pushtidasji, hope you have all this hard work safely saved. It would be nice once when completed, to compile the entire information as one pdf file and posted as book, in the library section for teh benefit of all viewers. Hope Anand bhai will be greatful enough to do that.

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Posted - 03 November 2004 :  20:20:40
Jai shree Krishna Thanks for the kind gesture Shreekantji. I will keep all the prat and not a bad idea for website E-Book. Daso no das Pushtidas Edited by - pushtidas on November 03 2004 20:21:18

Dasa no das Pushtidas Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 06 November 2004 :  15:19:46
jsk pushtidas hum rahomay khaday hai kab ayaga kishen khat ka jawab. inaxi

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