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 Nav-Villas Episode 7th and 8th
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Posted - 06 November 2004 :  21:42:04
Episode 7th

It was a hot summer day. The Yamunaji was flowing with that cool sweet waves as if she was waiting for Krishna. Whilst waiting, Shree Yamunaji quietly threw her waves over its banks to touch the Vraj-ruj. as if she was doing Charan sparsh of Vraj Ruj, on which Gopies and Thakorji has ras-leela.

Krishna was sitting under "Kadam" tree and closed His eyes and was reciting "Radha, Radha, Radhai, Radhai." Nearby Madhumangal was desperately trying to comfort Shree Krishna. But Krishna was engrossed in tha jaap and was keeping a stared look out at the only track which was leading in and out of the forest. His eyes were so fixed at only track, inanticipation of seeing Radhaji walking on the track rushing towards Krishna. But, alas, no sign of Radhaji.

At this point Shree Yamunaji's nir quietly flowed towards Shree Krishna and very gently She touched Lotus feet (Charan Kamai) of Thakorji as if reasuring Him that don't worry Piyarai, there will a good news. Krishna shivered, opened His eyes and gave that "thankng" krupa smile at Shree Yamunaji.

At that moment Chandravaliji and Visakha sakhi appeared on that lonely track. Madhumangal quickly rushed at these girls and stopped them in their track.

"Kyuri, Lalita,Visakha, tum nitya hamarai Banmai yay Phool torikai lay jaat ho, aur aab tum akeli baanmay aiyee ho. So aab humko tum kha jawab daungi?" He said.

"So Lalitaji, Visakhaji, you always steal flowers from our vaan. You always escaped because you all travel in groups, but today you are only two. Now I can deal with both of you." He said.

"Oh Madhumangal, talking about dealing, what happened with the dealings with you and Visakhaji? We only steal flowers but you steal our looks and paint them on Kagaj Patri (Pichvai). Return our paintings, especially, Vishakaji's painting and we will not steal flowers fron your so called vaan." Lalita teased Madhumangal.

"Aho Lalitaji,yah to dil ki baat hai, ek baar phek ke dekho, aaju hum in batomai juwaab nahi daiyegay....aap yeh banraiju ma akeli ayi hoo, kyu? Madhumangal said.

Then Lalitaji explained,"Aho Madhumangal, Aju to Hum ek patrika shree Krushnajuko dene aiye hoo... today we have come to deliver a letter to Shree Krishna."

"Patrika, kyu? kaun hai likhnai wale? oh who is the writer?" asked Madhumangal.

"Hamari sabse pyari Radharaniju nay likhi hai, it is for Krishna!" Visakhaji said.

"Ari Lalita,Visakha marey hathmay dao...plaese give me the letter..." Shree Krishna got up and approached the trio.

"Aho Rasik Shiromani Kanaiyaju, aaju tum so Shree Radhaji ko Bahoot manorath hai so tum krupa kari kay unako manorath purna karo,"Lalita nay kahio.

("O king of ectasy Krishna, today you really should fulfill all the wishes of my dearest Radhaji,make her dream come true,"said Lalitaji.)

At this Krishna thought these Vraj Gopies are very cunning, their wishes and dreams are very much out of this world and I will have to take extra vigilance and it is not wise to open my heart and tell this gopies everything.So Shree Krishna put a front of being angry and said:

"Ari Lalit-Visakha tumhari sakhi jo Radha hai tinso hamki kabhu drasti milaya nihi bhayo.Humto Pahichanat hu nahi hai, jo kasi Radhaji? so leh yah prem tum kaiso kahat ho? tatai hum janat nihi jo prem karai! Radha apnai manmay prem kiyo hai. to uprant aur kaheko tumari sakhi ko maan har liyo hoyego. Tum ya baatomai khoj karo, aapni sun aur ish janjat may nahi taang payu to acha rehegi," Krishna said.

"Well Lalita-Vishakha this whatever her name ...yes Radha, we have not met at all, I don't even know her, then how can you ask me to realise her dreams? How dare you ask me to love her and fulfil her wishes? If I don't know her then how can say that I am in love as well?She has fallen for me that is her wish but I have never enticed her, never ever. You should investigate this in depth...but my advise is that you should not take interst in this matter." Krishna said.

To this Lalita-Vusakha were angry and said:

"Oh Naval Nandkumar, Kapat bhitar aur bahir aur? Yeh baat aur radhajuki baat chipi nahi. Sagrey prashidh hai.Tumharo yeh swabhav hai jo sadatay kapat sahit bachan kahat ho. Hey manmohanju. tum saat baraske thai tab Goverdhan dharan kino ta dintay hamari Shree Radhajiko maan hari liyo hai. So yeh baat chipaye kaise chipagi?"

(O Novel Nandkumar, you are two faced, your inner feelings are different and the outter posture is different. Everyone knows about your attitude, always saying something else and doing something else. O King of heart (Manmohan) remember when you were only seven and you held the Goverdhan Montain above your head, then you saw Radha and you did flurt with her. Everyone knows this and you cannot hide this.)

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Posted - 10 November 2004 :  11:12:00
Jai Shree Krishna Aap bhi sakhiyon se kum na ho. humku sab ativyakulta ke baad hi bhed kholo ho. ab krupa karke patrika ko prabhu haat me de hi do.

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Posted - 10 November 2004 :  21:39:51
JAI SHREE kRISHNA Hum aapki kshama yachyai hai bhai, hum yeh utsava ki Adhik Samagaree sid karnamay bahirahetha. Thokorji ki sanmukh Diwali Ankut ko manorath bhayo hai ,eke baad apna Bahir sevamay hum zurur likh payege. Daso no das Pushtidas

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Posted - 16 November 2004 :  01:38:34
"O Madhumangal, it is I who really thought these varj gopis were kind and considerate and I, like a fool, was running behind them. Now I can see the true colour of these Gopis." Krishna said To this Madhumangal faced Vishaka and Lalitaji and said, "Listen you two, my sakha Krishna is Brahamchari, so how can you think of him as a Romantic prince. Why do you talk about love, he does not understand the love." To this Lalitaji said," Go and explain this to all the trees and greenery of Vraj. They all know the habits of your Gopal, He is cunning and you are Maha cunning. I will not trust you at all and stop playing this game. Our Radha is very straightforward and she has no politics. If she hears what you just said she will be shocked and cry her head off." To this Madhumangal said," If we are so cunning then why do you come to us? Why do you want your sakhi to get entangle with us, why do you want to make her cry by bringing her here? Just leave us alone and go to your part of world." Lalitaji and Vishakha thought, if we listen to Madhumangal and return to Radha, then, it will be very difficult to manage Radha 's feelings and knowing her sakhi, she will be lifeless. So Lalitaji brought out the Gunja-mala out of the envelope and said, "O Rasik Kanayaju, please take this Gunja-mala, to us Vraj Gopis, this Gunja mala is not a mala but garland full of love and knowing Radha 's love and affection, this Gunja mala is also that much in love with you, it wants to hang round you forever, hugging your chest." And she without hesitation put the Gunja-mala onto Krishna's neck. Krishna felt that vibrating tension of Radha's love, it made him happy. Felling from Gunja mala was reminding him of that lovely face of Radha. He thought that now I will have to return the complement. Krishna took off his White Gunja mala and gave it to Lalitaji and said, "Here take my Rang mala. I cannot receive a present and then don't reciprocate. I might be cunning but I am not that thick headed that I can't return her complement I am not in love and it will not be nice to let you go empty handed so give this Rang mala to your sakhi. And let me tell you this categorically, I am not in love with your Radha." "C'mon let's go Lalita, and give this Rang mala to Radhurani. At least this will make her happy." Vishakha said and they both rushed away. Once these two Gopis were out of sight, Madhumangal looked at Shree Krishna and said, "You did very well, now your wish will come true. Now we will have to wait and see what these two some boils up in front your beloved Radhaji." "Bhaiya Madhumangal, you know how much I am infatuated by Radha and it was difficult to hide my feelings in front of those two lovely Gopis. My heart has left me and gone with Rang mala and I am helpless. And that natkhat Lalita did not even give me the letter from my loved one. Only you can help me in this situation. I am at your mercy, "Shree Krishna said. "Ah Krishna, what do you think I was doing when she garlanded you with Gunja - mala? Here, I stole the letter from her upvastra and she did not even know." Madhumangal gave the letter to Krishna. Now Lalita-Vishakha reached Radhaji and had that Rang-mala with them. They saw Radhaji just took a swim in Yamnaji and was sitting on a flat stone at the banks of the river. All her vastra was nearby and she was not wearing a stitch. She was looking at bhuj kakan encircling the lovely water lilies. Every so often she was calling Shree Krishna's name, "Krishna, o Krishna." And then she goes into semi-conscious state. Lalita Vishakha noticed that Radha who really was not her self, "Look Vishakha, Radha is unconscious, now how will we give her this Rang-mala?" Lalitaji said. "Try Rang-mala. Bring it closer to Radhurani's nose. The aroma of Krishna might get her round to her senses." Vishakha said. As soon as this Prashadi Rang-mala aroma reached her nasal cavity, and touched Radhaji's heart, and at that instance she regained her all senses and stared at these two sakhis.

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Posted - 16 November 2004 :  01:41:04
"Look we have a present from Krishna. It is for you." Lalitaji dangled the Rang-mala in front of Radha's lovely eyes. "Wow, look at this Rang-mala, how beautiful it is. If this Mala is so beautiful, then the swaroop who has sent this for me would be more hansom and beautiful. Oh, when can I see my love Vishakha?" Radhaji grabbed the Rang-mala from Lalitaji's hand. Both Sakhis helped Radha dressed up. And as she was putting "Tikka", Radhaji said, "Annapurnimaji said that if I go to Temple of Dwadsaditya and do Devi-pooja and my manorath will be fulfilled and I would see Krishna. I want to go there tomorrow." Radha and all sakhis together went to do Devi-puja. This prasang is well depicted in Nanddasji's pada: Poojlini Ganagore, Chabili Radhai Pooj lini Ganagore | Lalita Vishaka Saab sakhi milkay chali Vrashubahnki pooth ||

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Posted - 21 November 2004 :  15:10:35
EPISODE 8 All sakhis and Radhaji went to Temple of Dwadsaditya. Outside temple's steps, Radhaji stopped and said, "Whenever I came to this Temple in the past, the Kunj and the temple looked cold, dark and very secluded, but today the whole atmosphere is different. Isn't it beautiful and serene? Why do I feel like this?" ("Aho Pyariju, tiharo rhadayamay Shyam hai. Tatai tumko baan savroo lagat hai." Lalitaji said.) "Oh Pyariju, you will feel like this about the forest because now Shree Krishna is residing in your heart." Lalitaji said. "Well, where is your Krishna? I can't see Him in Vrandavan. Look all these flowers and trees and the greenery, all of them are waiting, see how sad they look in virah. I can't wait." Radhaji squeezed Lalitaji's hand. " ma, it is your lucky day. See these peacocks? Shree Krishna is deffinately here, wherever Krishna goes in the Kunj, peacock follows...oh ma... please let go my hand, you are hurting me," Lalitaji said. "When Krishna grabs your hands, you don't show any signs of pain and you hardly ask him to let your hands go free. Has He got magic hands? Or you are in love with Him? Aye Chibavali, I have to keep an eye on your chaal chalan." Radhaji said and then hit affectionately on Lalitaji's shoulders. "Ah.... Pyariju, aap yaha Krishna ka darshan ke liye aayi hai ya meri pitvai karnake liye?" Lalitaji said," Have you come to hit me or do Krishna's darshan?" "Shall I say both," Radhaji said and all sakhis giggled and all went into the Temple. In the temple they did Devi Darshan and offered bhog (food) and then Radhaji said," O, deviji, I seek love of Krishna, I cannot live without him. You are capable to do anything so help me." After Devi Darshan, all Sakhis came out of the Temple. Shree Krishna was seeking cover behind a tree with his Sakha Madhumangal. Listening to Nupur's sweet rhythm of Radhaji, Krishna could not resist playing flute. Shree Hari entices his bhaktas with playing different tunes. The lila is Shree Krishna's name, was brought forth when He played the flute. Krishna's flute has seven openings. When He fills those holes with His essence, a threefold elixir arises. The first elixir is called "Devabhoga", a ras that is experienced by the gods. Second elixir is called "Bhagavatbhogya", this ras is experienced by Krishna and the third one is "Sarvabhogya" which is the ras enjoyed by none. Devabhoga is the nectar that is enjoyed by the divinities of Vrindavan. The gods are the cows and cowlands as well as the other blessed residents of Vrindavan. They reside within the lila abode and join in the games. When Krishna wants to enjoy Himself, that is Bhagavatbhogya elixir is tuned as nectar of this bhogya .He can only take pleasure in the flavour of Vrindavan after the sound of His Flute enters the Svaminis' ears and fills their hearts, this in turn converts Svaminis' worthy of being enjoyed by God. The call of the flute made everything in Vrindavan divine, and then Shree Krishna tests it. Sarvabhogya, enjoyed by none, has a special meaning. The call of the flute is fluid and Shree Krishna then enables His form to pass easily through the channels of the flute into the ears of Svaminis. Through their ears it pervaded their hearts and senses and made them aware of His presence. Although that nectar was directly enjoyed by none it transformed Svaminis and made them worthy. These three types of nectar arose due to the presence of Krishna's yearning lip upon the flute. The Svaminis are qualified to hear the call directly. Whoever heard the call become spiritually accomplished or, lila ready. They became bhaktas and bliss arose and flowed through them all around them. "O Krishna, Radha, Vrashbhan Dulhari heard the sound of the flute. It mesmerized all the sentiment beings and transported the Svaminiji of Braja into a mood of dalliance." Seeing Radha coming towards their direction, Madhumangal said. The sound of the Krishna's flute was the reason for Radha's blissful love song. As the flute flowed that nectar and its elixir as a tone, she spontaneously began to praise her Hari in her heart. She forgot everything and actually began to gyrate her shreeang with the tune and the tone. Krishna saw Radha and started walking towards her. Radhaji saw Krishna, her heart was thumping heavily, but she quickly controlled her emotions and turned to Lalitaji and said, "Aho Lalita Vishakha, ya saghan banmay shree Nandraiji ko dhota maha Dhith hai so ayo, ari o suniyat hai?" "Lalita-Vishakha, the son of Shree Nandraiji is very naughty and look he is coming, are you listening?" Radhaji said. Tab yeh suni Shree Krishnaji bolai," Aree Lalita tu moku varta may lagaike mari param Sunder rangmala Chali ke lai gaye. So meri mala tu moku deho tumaray liye ya banmai dhundhvake liye Ayo hai." Shree Krishna upon hearing Radha said to Lalitaji," Oi Lalita, you cheated me with your sweet talk and took my precious rangmala, I want it back. I was looking for you everywhere and now that I found you here, give me my rangmala back." Lalita Vishakha nay kahi, "Jo humko Juthoi kyu dosh lagavat ho. Jaha tum taha tumhari mala hoyegi, Tinko pahechanliyo" Lalita Vishakha said, "Now look here, don't blame us, see if you can find your rangmala here." Krishna look round and quickly spotted rangmala on Radhaji. He stretched his hands to grab rangmala on her neck. Radha quickly ran behind Lalitaji. She was trembling in anticipation. Tab Lalitaji boli,"Aho chanchal Nand ke Nandan tumari ladli ko jini chuvo tum aur Gopiiyan so raman karat ho so chupai yogiya nahi. Juthai hathso hamari shree Radhako ni parso." Then Lalitaji said, "Hey cunning Nandan don't you dare touch your sweet heart with that hands which has touched all that Gopis. Keep your dirty hands off Radhaju." Tab Shree Krishnaji bolay, "Lalitaji tum aisi baat ni kaho. Tum juthaihi humko dosh mati dou. Aur tum nahi manat tamai to Shree yamunaji may snan karike pavitra ho avu. Aur tum manat nahi to jaise tum kaho tasi may ho sakhi ho." "Lalitaji, do not make me guilty as I am not. Your blame is unfounded and if you do not believe me, then I will bathe in Yamna River and sanctifies myself. After that I will accept any punishment you declare." Shree Krishna smiled and said. "Oho chanchal Nand ke Dhota, yeh hamari sakhi ke rhaday may jaravki chonki hai tamay tumaro pratibimb parat hai. So dekhi ke hamari sakhi darpat hai. Ta Tay tum yeh Brindavanki sapin janat ho ya ke mukhmay haath dharo. Jo tum sachay hoyego to tumaro haath Na kapegi. Aur jo jutho bolat hoyego to tumaro haath kapegi. Tab hamku baat ki branti avay." Vishakha ne kahi. Oh cunning Krishna, look at my sakhi Radhaji, her heart has now filled with fear. In that heart she kept your picture and now there is that fear in that place. If you want to prove yourself right, then go and insert your hand into the mouth of Brindavan's legendary female Cobra. If you are a liar than the Cobra will bit you. This way you would be able to prove your innocence," said Vishakha.

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Posted - 22 November 2004 :  04:48:36
Jai Shree Krishna Pushtidasji Had to wait 5 long days for the 8th episode. I hope you will post next episode very soon.(humble request).

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Posted - 25 November 2004 :  03:31:23
Jai Shree Krishna Due to Diwali Utsav and Tulsi Vivah manorath one becomes busy. I promise you the future episode will be posted faster. I also want all the vaishnavs to read episodes and then slowly transit into a fresh episode, hense the gap of 4/5 days between the episode. Lets hear from more vaishnavs on this.

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Posted - 26 November 2004 :  09:45:46
Dear Pushtidasbhai, Jai Shree Krishna, Your painstaking efforts are highly applauded. Beautifully explained Lilas of the Lord. Can't wait to read more. Do keep us posted with more such informative stuff. Warm Wishes Jigna Edited by - Jigna on November 26 2004 09:46:59

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Posted - 26 November 2004 :  21:35:10
Jai Shree Krishna I am also indulged with lovely feelings when I think of these lilas. They are really out of this material world...gives us a moment to really get away from it all. Ek ghadi jiviya. Thanks for your kind words Jignaben.

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