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Posted - 07 November 2004 :  01:05:36
Taal Vann: It is the Second halting point of 84 kos parikrama.

Taal Vann is about 2.5 Miles away from Madhuvan, and is enrout to Kumudvan. Shree Thakorjis Rahsya leela is described in the Krishna leela section. In this section only tts Historical importance and Main places is described.

Historical importance: Once upon a time this Vann was full of Taad vrukshas and hence teh name Taalvann. Also in this very vann livid the famous Asura Dhenukasur, disguised as a Donkey. He was commanded by Kansa to kill Krishna. The Taad Vrukshas gave pleasant fruits, however Dehnukasur never used to allow anyone to take them and they were of no use to him too. Once Shree Krishna with Balramji and Sakhas, while grazing their cows drifted into this part of the vraj. Shree Krishna prompted his sakhas to go and fetch some fruits. however tehy were scared. Balramji gave them dhayryatha and asked them to enjoy themselvs. the Sakhas started shaking the braches and teh fruits dropped. By the sound of dropping fruits, Dhenukasur came their and gave a leg blow to Balramji. Shree Balramji being the Vedroopa did not get offended. However, whne Dhenukasur trid to do the same again, Shree Balramji held him by both his legs and swaung him, and allowed his body to drop on teh ground with such a force that the vibrations of the fall could be heared upto many miles all around. Listening to the great sound, the asuras living in teh forest gathered tp attack the sakhas, however, Shree Krishna and Balramji multiplied many times, stood in front of each of the sakhas, and defeated all the asuras. Shree Krishna as himself and in the form of Dauji thus ended the evilnss of Dhenukasura from this Vann.

Tarasinha Town: A part of this Vann, this township was esatblished by a rajput king, after the Vann lost most of its dense forest area.

Paani kheda town: Seems to have been a great cnetre of the Baudh dharma. As many statues of the Budha are found here and also teh evidence of the famous script palani.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

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