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 Nav-Villas -Episode 8C (The promise)
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Posted - 06 January 2005 :  23:13:22
Episode 8C

The Promise of Villas

Shree Radhaji was enchanted with Krishna's laughter. Krishna was looking beautiful, proficient, He profuse that loves in his laughter. She could envisage why Gopis' passion for Shree Krishna is not openly enacted, yet commands the stage of Vrandavan. To understand the nature of their loving exchanges is to understand Shree Krishna.

Radhaji can see in that laughter Krishna awakens divinity with His presence. She knows that His world is perfect place, comprised of only Godliness and love-plays.

It is Shree Krishna's sheer confidence that allows Him to establish overwhelming attachment to Himself in whoever He chooses. In Vrandavan everything is a combination of Him. Even Trees and Animals fall under His spell; they become enlightened.

That laughter is a reply to Radhaji's question. In Vrandavan everything manifests for blissful purpose of lila. So He needs a masculine instrument but behaves like a female bhava of the flute, to do such enticing bhava. Krishna sounds His flute to announce the awakening.

"You still have not answered my question, my Prabhu?" Radhaji although knew that Krishna had answered her question by that light laughter, still asked.

"O, my Svaminiji, The song of the flute contains the three-fold qualities of rajas, tamas and sattva. It also contains what is beyond all virtues, nirguna. Vrandavan, the sagious birds and the Goverdhan Hill, are all nirguna."

"But, Vanu (Bansi) is a man form."

"Yes, that is why it excelled that manly ras with nectar which then penetrates into Vraj-bhakta's heart."

Radhaji knew that through the grace of Krishna's flute, that blessed river imbibed God's essence. Now Laxshmi, the goddess of splendour has decided to live within lotuses. It is said that, when something excellent is seen, a person cannot overcome the desire to possess it.

She knew that seeing those fine lotuses, Shree Laxshmi, the consort of our Krishna, first desired them and then entered them. She can fully enjoy the lotus as one of her form.

The flute not only blessed its mother, the river, but also turned its graceful attention towards its father, the trees. When the trees imbibed Krishna's ras, they exuded the sweet nectar and the fruit suddenly appeared on their boughs. All of this could not have occurred without the introduction of Shree Krishna's ras.

Radhaji looked into Shree Krishna's eyes and saw them smiling at her. She felt totally full of bliss, her hairs stand on ends, and she felt this before. These are not common experiences, yet in Vrandavan, even trees and rivers have them.

Radhaji knew now why all the Gopis would seek out any means to meet with Krishna. To avoid delay, they headed in His direction as soon as they heard the sound of His flute. They longed for His proximity.

Radhaji admired Krishna. She lost all composure. Her spellbound infatuation spilled from her heart into the god-realm, Krishna. She has seen those Apsara, when they first laid their eyes on Shree Hari; their spellbound infatuation spilled from their hearts. From above, Radhaji observed, flowers fell from their hair, from below, the knot of their inner garments became untied. All this revealed their disregard for worldly and heavenly rewards.

"Krishna, Gopis commitment to you is much worthier." Radhaji said.

"Why, priya, why do you say that?" Krishna enquired.

"I have seen the desire to acquire you as their husband."

"Oh, that is their bhakti." Krishna smiled and lured Radhaji in Kandra baithak, where He spread his Upvastra in a shila. He gestured her to sit on it.

Radhaji sat down and Krishna knelt beside her and added, "Kishori, torai charanan ki ruj main pavu?"

"O, Kishore Kanahiya, very shrewd move. " Radhaji put her adhar aust on His forehead.

Krishna set His adhar aust on her and gave that blissful nectar. Radhaji felt like those Vrandavan cows, raise their ears when they hear the sound of Shree Krishna's flute. They imbibe the nectar and milk flows from their udders. Radhaji, with mouthful of Krishna's nectar stood stunned and even forgot to swallow. Her eyes well with tears, her soul touched by Shyam Manohar.

A nectar song, that emerged from Hari's adhar aust. Radha was touched and transformed by Hid divinity. It caused everything to cease. Radha-Krishna stood absolutely still, both, God-intoxicated.

"Can you Krishna fulfil the manorath?"

"Radha, your manorath is my manorath. So tell me what is your param desire?"

"Do Villas-manorath with my favourite sakhis. They have instigated the intriguing meeting with you. I want to return the complements." Radhaji kept her eyes down on earth and said.

"Why me, buy them some Upvastra, they will be very pleased to get gifts from you." Krishna teased Radhaji.

"Please Swami, do not take this lightly. These Gopis are very much alokik and they will not like any materialistic gesture from me."

"Wow, then I want to meet these Vrajangnas. Nine Gopis and nine villas. Quite a lot to ask Radha piyari." Krishna smiled.

" You will sure grant it and I am certain you will love it." Radhaji looked at Krishna and winked.

Krishna looked up through the hole in the Kandra, a gap between to shila, and saw that Cloud which became filled with her expansive form. She (cloud) cooled Kandra and showered with flowers.

"So NAV-VILLAS.....so be it...your manorath will be fulfilled."

"Oh Krishna." Radhaji loves Krishna and has perfected her devotion to such an extent that she is Krishna's closest dignitary.

Radhaji understands what is required of the situation and expands herself to provide adequate love for His lila, taking place over her. It was the love she felt for Krishna that elated her and made her expand.

As her love increased, so did her form.
It was for the pleasure of Hari.

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Posted - 29 April 2010 :  17:18:47
Thank you for sharing Jai Shree Krishna

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