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 Re Antah Karana Prabodhah
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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 26 January 2005 :  11:58:25
Jai Shri Krishna,

Dear vallabhi vaishnavs as per my Guruji P.P.G. 108 Goswami Rasikraiji Maharaj pointed out the importance of Antah Karana Prabodhah (very important granth) as follows

"Shri Mahaprabhuji had said in Antakaran Prabodh (from Shodash Granth) that Shri Krishna is one and only one faultless phenomena, except of Shri Krishna all have one or other kind of fault.

I will daily put a shlok to understand deeply its meaning and would prefer everybody to join in with their comments and participation as this will be really be a good begining to make Je Je happy and we will understand clearly the vaani of Shri Vallabh.

Shlok one

Antah Karana Madvakyam Savadhanataya Srnu

Krsnatparam Nasti Daivam Vastuto Dosavarjitam

Meaning ________

O Conscience ! Listen attentively to what I say. In fact there is no other God than the flawless Lord Shri Krishna.

Paraphrase ____________

Shri Vallabh ignored two divine commands for the completion of the Shri Subodhiniji Annotation, because previouly the Lord ordained His Holiness (Ap Shri) to reveal the real import of Shrimad Bhagvata. But on receiving the third behest of giving up the terrestrially visible body and place, viz the sport for the hallucination of the demonic creatures (Asur Vyamoha Lila).

Shri Mahaprabhuji is bringing round His conscience bent upon writing the Subodhini for the compliance of the Lord's insistence and under this pretext His Holiness (Ap Shri) is cautioning the conscience of all the creatures pursuing the Path of Grace for divine service.

The conscience including mind one of its components, when restrained, leads to the automatic control of all the senses useful for divine service. Mind is the sovereign ruler of all the senses. Hence Mahaprabhuji has instructed only the Conscience.

(Humbleness in the Conscience is necessary and not the significance of one's sense or feeling)

The creature is wicked by nature, hence the conscience of the creature should remain free from the importance of one's sense or feeling and it may achieve humbleness, His Holiness (Ap Shri) ordains with illustrations.

To be contd.

Edited by - Vasant Punjabi on January 26 2005 11:59:51


Pushtikul Elite Member - November 2003

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Posted - 26 January 2005 :  14:40:29
Jai Shree Krishna, Thanks Vasantbhai for bringing wonderful topic on "Antah Karana Prabodhah" granth as I don't know anything about this. Jai Shree Krishna Go to Top of Page
Pushtikul Elite Member - April 2004

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Posted - 27 January 2005 :  03:03:44

D.A.Purohit Go to Top of Page
Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 27 January 2005 :  05:29:46
Jai Shri Krishna, Devanshubhai thanks. Hope you are enjoying it. Dattubhai for you. I am sorry to say that my gujrati is weak so if you need any paras to be translated into gujrati please put on this site and maybe some vaishnav will help you for sure. Shlok 2 Candali Cedrajapatni Jata Rajana Ca Manita Kadacidapamane Va Mulatah Ka Ksatirebhavet. Meaning ---------- If a greatly felonious Woman becomes the wife of a King and is felicitated by him, and if ever (because of some lapse) she is humilated (by the King). even then what difference does it basically make (in her being a royal consort)? Paraphrase. --------------- Viz, not at all, because one who has once been owned by a king as his Wife (queen), will ever be called a princely or royal consort, even when she loses her respect, and what loss will it incur to her humilated state as her basically being a sinful woman? One who deserves to sit with her husband in the performance of a yagna (a celestial ritual), is called a wife. (A wife is not worthy of being disowned. Here the word wife is used not woman.) By citing the above mentioned instance Shri Mahaprabhuji tells us that the creature with wicked and low morals is recognised by God through divine initiation ( Brahma Samband ). Without divine association all the consciences are vicious by nature. Hence even if delay is caused in achieving the fruit because of laches or ego or pride, there can't be any deficiency as to the adoption by God.

Vasant Go to Top of Page
PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 27 January 2005 :  18:57:20
Jai Shree Krishna Shree Vallabh in this Mahan granth has addressed the conscience... Like in a Kingdom, when the King if impressed upon, then the decision of the king holds good for the entire kingdom, similarly in the case of the human being, when the consience (once inner most self) is made to accept, then the entire body, all the senses act as per the conscience.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai Go to Top of Page
Entry Level Member

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Posted - 27 January 2005 :  21:59:13
jai jai shree gokulesh vasant i am very glad to read this article of yours. and if vaishanavas want i can give meaning in gujrati as i am having book with meaning in gujrati by parma vaishanava ramesh bhai parikh. in manprabodh gokulnathji said that i am king of all indrayais.so vasant if you take thakurji name and krupa of thakurji favours than all your indrayais will be in god; foe example; why hand,legs,eyes,ears,tongue etc given; haste vada to kru shree krishna sewa, charan dodava hari na darshan karwa, netra to nirku nand kuwar nu rup, rasana rata shree krishna nu nama; etc etc vasant by repeating so many times in satsang to all vaishanavas i have reached the stage that is my hands always are working for doing sewa of all kinds.my legs are also working for same and my eyes and ears and tongue all are chanting thakurji name see my computer my mobile and so on is also in use for satsang so vasant i am having pleasure to do satsang with all of you. so if you will chant these pad of dayarambhai all of yours sensitive organs also will be in thakurji and all living as well as non living things will be in use in thakurji. the first line of these pad is; sabhalo sahuko sikhaman mari jana prasana karwa ho shree girdhari

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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 28 January 2005 :  06:24:52
Jai Shri Krishna, Thank you Shreekantbhai and Gokuldas for joining in and for your nice words. Shlok 3 Samarpanadaham Purvamuttamah Kim Sada Sthitah Ka Mamadhama Ta Bhava Pascattapo Yato Bhavet. Meaning ------------ Did I ever remain sublime or excellent before dedication? Hence my ignobility is neither ponderable nor regrettable. That is, what ignobility have I attained, for which I should repent or regret. Paraphrase __________ I was totally full of flaws like a felonious sinful Woman (Chandali) before being divinely initiated making one worthy of rendering divine service. Just as a felonious sinful Woman is regarded as sublime by divine dedication. So just possible God may be displeased with me, yet the Lord will never desert me on account of my adoption (through initiation) by Him. A Felonious Woman, when becomes the consort of the King, the latter does not disown her and then that felonious Woman doesn't attain the ignobility again. The Lord made a totally fallen and terrestrially creature godly by adopting him. Under this situation, if he feels proud and glorified in his innerself and if at this the Lord becomes unhappy, what disrespect for the creature is there? Hence repentance is not worthwhile.

Vasant Go to Top of Page
Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 01 February 2005 :  06:10:16
Jai Shri Krishna, Regret delay due to unavoidable circumstances as explained by Shreekantbhai. Shlok 4 Satyasamkalpo Vishnurnanytha Tu Karisyati Ajnaiva Karya Satatam Svami Drohoanyatha Bhavet. Meaning ------------ Vishnu (The Omnipresent) is true to His Will. Hence He will not do otherwise. One should always deport oneself according to God's bidding, otherwise it will lead to the violation of His Will. Paraphrase ------------- The Lord is Vishnu, that is He is Omnipresent or all prevading and is present inside all. He is also celestial (Rus) pleasure througout and has appropriate Will and thought. Hence He will not do otherwise, that is, He will not delay the fruit. All and everything should be performed in consonance with the bidding, or else the Master (God) is contradicted or apposed. The contradiction or opposition of the Master leads to the sin of DISLOYALTY.

Vasant Go to Top of Page
Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 02 February 2005 :  06:25:25
Jai Shri Krishna, Shlok 4b Sevakasya TU Dharmo Ayam Svami Svasya Karisyati Meaning ------------- This very is the duty of the devotee or servant. The Master, viz, The Lord will extend (towards His devotee) the duty of being His Master. Paraphrase ---------------- The devotee, who discharges all according as the Lord ordains, towards such a devotee (dedicating his all), The Lord, observing the devotee's extraordinary duty extends His matchless duty of His mastership and accomplishes at the same time his (Devotee's) all the terrestrial and celestrial tasks. By the word 'TU ' Shri Mahaprabhuji reveals that there is no duty for the followers of the path of Grace.(Pushtimarg) other then obeying the command of the Lord. The Lord is the master and the Devotees are His own. "The Lord always desires the welfare of His devotees and does not like otherwise", to conceive so is the duty of the devotee.

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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 03 February 2005 :  04:49:02
Jai Shri Krishna, About 50% is almost completed so today instead of adding one more shlok would like to go into commentary to understand it better. ANTAH KARAN PRABHODA (EXHORTATION TO HEART) The occasion for the composition of this work is connected with a personal incident in His (Shri Mahaprabhuji's) Life. It was Vallabhacharya's strong belief this His mission of life, As an Acharya, was to preach Love for GOD to all whom He thought worthy of GOD's GRACE. For this He wrote many books. He then undertook the stupendous task of writing His commentary Shri Subodhiniji on the Bhagwata and He heard the call of GOD that He should give literary activity and dedicate His life in experiencing LOVE FOR GOD. This was the first call heard by HIM at the confluence of Ganges and the Ocean. Even while He was busy with writing works, HIS mind was feeling pangs of seperation from GOD. This feeling rose very high, yet HE thought that it was His primary duty to expound the true meaning of the scriptures to HIS followers, so that they may not be led away by the Mayavadis and shun the Path of PUSHTI. So He continued the task of writing Shri SUBHODHINI which embodied the teachings of BHAKTI MARG. to be contd.

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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 05 February 2005 :  09:10:30
Jai Shri Krishna, Comentary CONTD When He ( Shri Mahaprabhuji ) reached the end of the third chapter of Shrimad (Subhodhiniji) Bhagwad He heard the call from GOD again to come and join Him. But Shri Mahaprabhuji felt that by doing so He will be leaving without describing the tenth chapter which is the Adramrut (real cream) of Shrimad Bhagwad and the devotees will be left without its Amrut (nectar). Tenth chapter is considered the HEART of Shri Thakurji. It is full of Rus and Raas Lila's which describes the divine Lila's of God. Also, the tenth chapter describes the various sports of Shri Krishna which should not be remained unattended or unexplained to the vaishnavs or they will miss the real interpretation of God's Lila's. Therefore Shri Mahaprabhuji, in the interest of all the vaishnavas continued with the writing of Shri Subhodhiniji on the tenth chapter. Which lead to the delay of going to NITYA LILA. To be contd.

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