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 Why Braj 84-Kosh Yatra in Pushtimarg ??
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Pushtikul Elite Member - August 2003

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Posted - 19 February 2005 :  09:21:08
Jai Jai ShriGokulesh

====>Today Many writers does essay on pushtimarg in their own way. Some says pushtimarg means the path of attaining grace from shriprabhu. But only this statement does not justify the pushtimarg in real sense. The positin of every jeev is only dependent on shriprabhu's grace-anugrah. Just like our body is been pushted by good food-water-air, our thoughts pushted by aacharan and just like a newly born baby is pushted by its mother's breast feeding. Similarly jeevatma is been pushted by Anugrah of Parmatma

Every jeevatma is the part of parmatma. And if parmatma (god) is feeling to be anugrah sheel, then aapshri will grace each and every jeevatma means every jeevatma will be a pushtimargi or not a single.

Vastutaha when shrimahaprabhuji kept pushtimarg as a sampraday (religion), it doesnt mean that only the followers of pushtimarg will be graced by prabhu. Moreover shrimahaprabhuji's siddhant is not that the followers of other sampradays -- panths will not be graced, except pushtimargi, it is not the only siddhant ..

Yes but shrimahaprabhuji had shown courtsey that the followers of different dharmamargs has the authority of bijbhaav of that dharmamarg. For eg, who likes to go in nimbark sampraday, will have bijbhaav in it, the maayavaadi's will be havng bijbhav to serve lord shiva, etc.. Means jeevatma has right to travel on any of the marg, but any jeevatma has no authority to travel on every marg. Jeevatma to follow which marg is been born selected by parmatma, which shows the bijbhaav.

Parmatma in the way inplants bij in jeevatma with grace, for a marg that jeev very easily gets attracted to that particular marg, and for a jeev to follow that marg is the krupa for that marg..

Krupa can be seen in many ways, for eg : - kansa-sishupal both very evil-wicked, still graced with forgive. Not taking in to account the sins & sinful works, just blessing with forgiveness, this is one type of grace. Putna came to kill shrikrishna, and applied poison to her breast and took shrikrishna to feed, but shrikrishna did not died, but putna died and she was graced to get place in heaven.....

During krishnavtaar, all the brajvaasi's were ni-saadhan which is said in bhagwat. In day time these brajvaasi's used to feed their cattle, and also engaged in family works, and at night gone to sleep with whole day's tireness. Still shriprabhu took birth over in between them. which indicates the ni-saadhanta. These ni-saadhan jeevs when becomes bhagwad-bhakts and prabhucharansharan-anuraagi, then shrimahaprabhuji says here the grace of shrithakurji is working, no other saadhans with unselfisn and strong love for parmatma takes birth in jeevatma's heart, then there is only the bhagwat krupa.... This is the fact of the real defination of pushtimarg. .

After wandering in the 84-lakh birth of different yoni's the unselfish bij-bhaav gets sprouted in bhagwadaasakti, and with grace of parmatma, jeev gets darshana of shriprabhu, this marg is pushtimarg.

Parmatma's shudh-pushti has led to shudh-pushti 84-kosh brajmandal during krishnavataar in krishnaleela for aapshri's bhakts. So even today also pushtimargi jeev serves their pushti-prabhu for to experience that pushtileela. For to see these leelas for listening to do manan, for this purpuse Braj 84-kosh yatra is done every year.

In the way during raas-leela, when shrikrishna gets dispersed and the Brah-swamini's searching in the kunj-gali's of vrundavan for shrikrishna, in the same way today's devotees does braj 84-kosh for searching their param-priya shrikrishna and these jeevs surely experience that "SADAA BRAJ HI MAIN KARAT VIHAAR".

The soul when travelled 84-lakhs yoni's (births), but who lacked to attain parmatma, then the parmatma who is Braj-Bihari then where to find him leaving the braj-mandal?????

In this way, according to the sentiment of Braj-bhakts in pushtimarg, Brajbhumi is the path to search Braj-Bihari..


With this Virah-Vyatha and tivratam utkantha every pushtijeev every year, listening to the katha of brah-bihari, bowing down head in kunj's, more madhur then rasna, charitra of shriprabhu doring rasswadaan kissing the kankar (stones) where brah-bihari did vihaar, accepting the biggest fortune of having braj-yatra..

Edited by - gopal on February 21 2005 10:32:01

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 19 February 2005 :  16:41:48
Jai Shree Krishna A very good information indeed. A word of caution to al Vaishnavs.... Vaishnavs, we while making postings at the site one should be fully aware that this is an open site, accessable to anybody and please make statements with responcibality. To make arbitrary statements and criticise our own fellow Vaishnavs actions, especially there pilgrimages is not in any way Vaishnavta. I earnestly and humbly request Vaishnavs participating in the satsang to restrain themselves from making caustic remarks agianst fellow Vaishnavs, and not to make any remarks that even remotely criticise actions by Vallabhkul. PRO Pushtikul Edited by - shreekant22 on February 19 2005 17:33:46 Edited by - shreekant22 on February 21 2005 10:37:42

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Posted - 19 February 2005 :  19:14:24
Dear Vaishnavs Jai Shree Krishna I have been fortunate enough to being allowed to go on the 45 days leli parikrama with gos Drumil kumarji and I can tell that it is no picnic. Even if anyone goes with the bhaav of a picnic the Braj bhoomi is radiant with so much of thakorji's krupa that the person develops an attachment bhaav for thakorji and the braj bhoomi. It started with 7000 vaishnavs and ended with less than half due to health, climate etc. But there were dedicated vaishanvs who being at the age of 60 + carried their thakorji in jhaampi ji on their heads and walked the long miles faster than me. Such is the pratap of the bhoomi. So I would like to point out that the braj bhoomi is ever powerful in turning the bhaav of any one entering the perimeter of Braj bhoomi. This has even been shown in shreemad Bhagwatji. I will tell my personal experience where my father got hurt during the yatra in his leg. He had to be taken to the hospital etc. But he still continued with us. Finally when we reached Shree Raman Reti and he played in the reti and put on his leg the hurting portion stopped hurting. He was finally able to walk without any support. this I have seen by my eyes. Such is the effect of Braj bhoomi. I still remember telling my mother that where have u brought us to sleep on the ground in the mud on the first day of the yatra at Madhuban. Also I remember telling my mother that I do not want to leave Braj on the 45 day when we were leaving Gokul. The memories of the peace and aanand that we felt during those 45 days is more than anything in todays life. Anoop

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Posted - 23 February 2005 :  15:11:17
Jai Shree Krishna Mount Goverdhan is located appx. 90 kilometres south of Delhi and 13 kilometres west of Mathura, in Vraj, the folk region of north -western India closely associated with life of Shree Krishna. Vraj falls mainly in Mathura and Bharatpur Districts, but includes as well scattered portions of adjacent districts. It is one of the oldest areas of continuous human settlement in the whole of the Indian subcontinent. Palaeolithic tools found near Goverdhan in 1975 and housed in the Mathura Museum show traces of human settlement dating back to 50,000B.C. The borders of Vraj are circumscribed by a 330-kilometres pilgrimage route, chaurasi kos parikrama (‘84kos’).A kos is a traditional unit of measuring distance equal to two miles. 84 is the product of 7 and 12 , the number of days in the week, multiplied by number of months in a year. The number 84 occurs in place names and a variety of other contexts in India. For e.g. 84 Bhaitaks for the description of the 84 “resting spots” of Shree Vallabha throughout India. The Vraj piligrimage circuit takes in an area that stretches 10 kilometres to the east and south of Mathura and nearly fifty to the west and north. The Yamuna River flows through the eastern part of this region, separating a few towns on its eastern banks(i.e. Gokul, Mahaban, and Baldev) from the many sites located to the west of it. The Vraj pilgrimage circuit commemorates events of Lord Shree Krishna’s youth. The Lord’s legend itself is ancient and complicated, comprised of many diverse strands. (perhaps learned vallbhi Vaishnvas can enlighten on this complicated issues please). In the Mahabharata, He appears as a tribal Chieftan, the Yadav Prince of Dwarka. But with the appearance of Bhagvatapuran, in the 10th century, the focus of attention shifts from this epic Krishna to the youthful sports (Lila) of the cowherd Gopal-Krishna. Krishna’s exploits in Vraj were greatly expanded upon in medieval Puranas and later writings of sectarian authors. Shree Krishna's life has three distinctive phases: 1.That of frolicking infant doted on by Yashodaji and Nandbaba. 2.That of Heroic child, between the ages of 5 and 10, who rids Vraj of demons and , ultimately, of his villainous uncle Kamsa. 3.That of an enchanting adolescent (kishor) who amorously cavorts with the Gopis and engages them in a midnight round dance (maharas- lila) on the Yamuna’s moonlit banks. Perhaps, the learned Vallbhi Vaishnavs can take over from here and continue the flow in the matter of the 84kos parikrama, of course I will continue, the historical side of it.

Jai Shree Krishna Vinod Savjani Go to Top of Page
PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 23 February 2005 :  16:29:11
Jai Shree Krishna The pratha of doing the 84 kos Vraj yatra, like Shree Giriraj Parikrama, too started in Saraswat Kalp. It is said that when Nanda Baba and Yashodaji in there old age were eager to do Teerth yatra of the entire Bharath, Shree Thakorji requested them to wait till Chaturmaas. And in Chaturmaas at the request of Shree Thakorji, all 33,000 Teerths came and settled in Vraj, and Shree Thakorji for the very first time initiated the 84 kos parikrama of Vraj for sake of Shree Nandaaba and Yashodamayya.

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