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  Disscuss it all.
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Pushtikul Elite Member - August 2003

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Posted - 01 March 2006 :  09:18:20

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh

"What are the Praman vachanas given in referance to not eathin oniopn-garlic"? And instead of the usual diet, why cant we eat?

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

Goswami ShriVitthalraiji
P.P.Goswami (Shri Vallabhkul)

11 Posts
Posted - 01 March 2006 :  09:27:25

Shri Chaturth Peeth

Shrimad Gokul, Baroda

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Pushtikul Elite Member - December 2003

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Posted - 01 March 2006 :  20:01:00

जे जे आपश्री के चरणोमें दन्डवत प्रणाम ।

 आपश्री से बिनति हैं की आपश्री ऐसे ही हमारा मार्गदर्शन करते रहे। और आपश्री की कॄपा हमेशा हम पर बनी रहें।

आपका सेवक

वैभव शाह

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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 02 March 2006 :  16:39:55

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki Jai.

Sashtaang dandvat pranam to Je Je.

It is indeed a great occassion to have aapshrees pavithra vaani at this Satsang hall. We are greatful to you for your Vachnamrut and request you to continue to bless us with such Pravachans.

Dandvat Pranam to Aapshree from the samast pushtikul Parivaar.

Shreekant Parikh PRO, Pushtikul.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai Go to Top of Page
Senior Member

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Posted - 05 March 2006 :  08:59:37

Jeje dandvat pranam,
Really very informative with praman.


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Entry Level Member

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Posted - 07 March 2006 :  17:53:02

jejena charanarvind ma mara dandvant pranam.

wht abt cabbage, cauliflower and watermelon? please explain.


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