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  Disscuss it all.
 sudarshan kavacha
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Posted - 07 May 2006 :  09:44:39


who is the author of sudarshan kavacha

should we vaishnavs recite this mantras

please share the views

jsk jiger shah

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Posted - 07 May 2006 :  22:19:05

Dear Vaishnavs

This topic had been taken up earlier where it could not be decided what is correct. Should we receite it or not. As per one vallabh balak this stotram was made by one of the Vallabh Balaks whose name was Vallabh as well therefore the chaap of Vallabh at the end.

Another side to this is that when you have pure faith in the lotus feet of your thakorji and vallabh then why the need to recite such stotrams for sudarshan kavach. Raja Ambrish did not recite any of such stotram but still Shree Sudarshan saved his life.

If any balak would please elaborate and justify the reading or ignoring this stotra for pushtimargi, it would be very nice.


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Posted - 08 May 2006 :  17:21:30


dear annopji    i was not aware that an acharya named  vallabh   in vallabh kul has created this mantras

and if that is truth then it is a great effort by acharya shri

as this slokes are hand picked from different parts  atharva veda 

atharva veda provides all kinds of remedies

here are some views from our acharyas

108 shi indira betiji  ( shri vallabh prabhu  will never create a stotra with so much voilence )

108 shri tilak bawa ( shri vitthal charan has written tika on all the sahitya of shri vallabh prabhu

and there is no tika available for sudarshan kavacham in ancient literature in our liberary )

108 shri vrajesh bawa ( shri maha prabhu will never create a sakam bhakti stotras )

jsk jiger shah

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Posted - 09 May 2006 :  10:41:37

Jai Shree Krishna

PPG Shree Dwarkesh bawashree has very well clarified regarding Sudarshan Kavach, online as well as personally too.

The link below gives more details....


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