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  Disscuss it all.
 Navratna Stotram
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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 20 February 2003 :  05:02:32
This granth was made by Shri Mahaprabhuji and given to which Bahkt? And Why?



Entry Level Member

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Posted - 20 February 2003 :  13:27:19
Dear Vasantbahi, Jaishreekrishna. Shree Mahaparbhuji made this granth for Bhakt Govind Dube from Gaya. It so happened that Govind Dube once wrote a letter to shree Mahaprabhuji that " I am not able to concentrate on seva as I am worried that Shree Thakorji is not happy with my seva". In reply to this letter Shree Mahaprabhuji gave Govind Dubey Reply in the form of this granth in which lies the nine gists of Pushtimarg and what is a Vaishnav supposed to do after taking Bramhasambandh. Navratna Granth is also written for all the Vaishnav's and not only for Govind Dubeyji. We live in such a century that the wordly problems always harass us. We have lost our faith from Shree Thakorji and Shree Vallabh. Inshort, Navratna Granth explains that we should not be upset or worried about anything but live all the worries with Shree Thakorji. Shree Thakorji will take care of all our problems. Whatever will happen us will happen for the Best is what we should always believe in and live everything on Shree Thakorji. Ami

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News Reporter

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Posted - 20 February 2003 :  14:20:18
Jai Shree Krishna, I agree with the above, views from Ami. Shree Mahaprabhuji had made the Granth for 'Govind Dubey' from 'Gaya' & it 'cause Govind Dubey has asked that weather it is important to do the seva of Shree Thakorji or to go to the Temples & all tirth Dham for Darshan & to go to Baithakji's. So Shree Mahaprabhuji has made this granth called 'Navratnam'. 'By reciting this granth all the worries of the vaishnavs get away' this is what i have listen to the vaishnavs saying. But we should recite all the paaths with 'Nishkam Bhavna'. Chirag

(Chirag Doshi)

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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

1047 Posts
Posted - 21 February 2003 :  07:50:54
Jai Shri Krishna, Good work Ami, keep it up Gobind Dube had a lot of worries and mental aggravations and, therefore he was not able to concentrate and achieve manasi seva. To relieve him of this state of mind, Shri Vallabh wrote this granth and gave it to him. Vasant

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Pushtikul Elite Member - September 2003

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Posted - 14 March 2003 :  10:27:05
Jai Shree Krishna Supplimenting the information, it is added that Shri Govid Dube residing in Khralu of North Gujarat and has contacted Shri Mahaprabhuji by post. Then this granth was prepared and sent him in writing for purpose narrated above. Jai Shree Krishna A.K.OJHA

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