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  Information on 84 Baithakas
 31st Baithak - Shri Ganga Sagar (W.Bengal)
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Posted - 25 March 2007 :  14:55:26

Introduction :-

Near the Ashram of Kapil Muni, in KapilVan, on Kapil Kund, under a tree of Chokar, this Baithakji is situated.

On all the four sides, there are deep jungles. At this place, Shri Mahaprabhuji had rested for 6 months.

Contact Information :-

Shri Mahaprabhuji's Baithak,
Near Kapil Ashram,
On Kapil Kund,
Kakdvip Bet, South 24 Prgns
West Bengal

Nearby Places :- Kolkotta, Ganga Sagar, Kapil Dev Ashram..

Text Below given is taken from www.yamna.co.uk (An excellent website on Pushtimarg, developed on the lines of Pushtikul.com) :-

 The following detailed information has been kindly provided by Aakash Bhai

Welcome to Ganga Sagar Baithak Ji.

Jai Sri Krishna.

My beloved Vaisnavs, this is to request you to visit the Baithak Ji at ganga sagar, Near Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

If anybody Interested please contact me for further details ( like how to reach, where to stay etc ). - [ please see contact details at the bottom ]

Ganga Sagar is situated towards the eastern coast near the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Holy River Ganga. Currently it is under the State of West Bengal.

The early religious texts like Rigved, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Srimad Bhaghvat etc also indicate that Ganga Sagar was related to trade routes and frequented by traders, travellers and pilgrims.

Aap Sri reached there to resucue the devine souls. App sri stayed more than 192 days and received the Command of Sri nath Ji in that devine place. Thus this is one of the prime Baithak Ji for Pusti Margi vaisnavs.

Baithak Ji is situated near the century old temple of Sri Kapil Muni. It is very well mentained and there is not a single day in the course of the year in which the temple court are not occupied with Pilgrims.

Once it was famous for sage Kapil Muni and Ganga Devi. It was told Devi used to come take bath with other god and godesses every day just before the sun rise. The original temple of Sri Ganga Devi, built by Raja Bhagirath, was washed way by the sea.

Scenery of Ganga Sagar is devine. You can enjoy the panaromic view of the 'Milan' of River Ganga in to Bay of Bengal.

At Ganga sagar's southern part there is a sacred beach to take bath on the day of Makar Sankranti and is considered as one of the holiest in world.

I invite all vaisnavs from all over world to come and visit this Devine place of Pusti Marg.

Important Information:

Followings are the related informations:

How to reach:

Nearest Airpot : Dumdum International Airport. Kolkata

Nearest Railway Station : Howrah / Sealdah / Kolkata

Way to Ganga Sagar :

- Take a car from kolkata to reach 4 No Jeti via Diamond Hurber; By car 2 hour.
- Then cross the River Ganga on big Boat 30 Min / Service available on every alternate hour
- Again take a car or mini Bus to Reach the Baithak Ji at Ganga sagar. It will take another hour after crossing the Ganga. Cars are easily available there throughout the year.

Address Of the Baithak Ji:

Following is the postal address of the Ganga Sagar Baithak Ji.

Shri Mahaprabhuji's Baithak,
Near Kapil Ashram,
On Kapil Kund,
Kakdvip Bet, South 24 Prgns
West Bengal

Phone numbers:


Visit Kolkata at the time of Visiting Ganga Sagar:

Kolkata is the Capital of the West Bengal and the second largest city in India. There are large numbers of Gujrati Pusti Margi vaisnavs. So obviously there are Havelies in Kolkata.

Sri Nath Ji's Pedi :
Most important place to visit in Kolkata is Sri Nath Ji's Haveli. This is to be noticed that only in Kolkata (except Nathdwara in India) there is a Svaroop of Sri Nath Ji which is being served. In other places only Chitra Ji is being served, not any Svaroop.

The Pedi is situated at Banstala, near Barra-Bazar area. This Sri Nath Ji pedi is under Nathdwara Temple Board. Sri Nath Ji Haveli is a must visit place in Kolkata for vaisnavs.

Vaisnav can enjoy the bliss of Sri Nath Ji at any Darshan from Mangla to Sandhya Arti.


Vraj Nikunj Haveli :

Once kolkata was heavenly blessed when Sri Mathuradhish ( Pratham Peeth ) stayed here for nearly 12 years ( 1977-1989 ). Sri Mathuradhish stayed at Haveli of Pratham Peeth named "Vraj Nikunj Haveli" in the centre of the main city and one of the most posh area of kolkata. Haveli is situated in Bhawanipur.

Currently Sri Dhingar Ji (Lalan), Sri Acharyacharan Mahaprabhu Ji ( Svaroop), Sri GiriRaj Ji ( Thade Svaroop) and The Chitra Ji of Neetya Leela sri Prathmesh Ji Maharaj are there.

PP Bauji ( Of Nitya Leela Srui Prathmesh Ji Maharaj ) Sri Mahalaxmi Bauji is staying in the Haveli and she does take care of the total Haveli. Darshan of Sri Dhingar Ji is really devine. Pratham Peeth Yuvraj PP 108 Goswami Sri Milan Bawasri also stays in Haveli at the time of Utsavs and Manoraths. PP Betiji Mitu Raja and PP Betiji Leena Raja ( daughters of Neetya Leela Sri Prathmesh Ji Maharaj ) are also visit the Haveli frequently. Specially PP Betiji Mitu Raja always takes an active part in Seva, Manorath etc.

Address of the Haveli:
Vraj Nikunj Haveli
35/11 Paddapukur Road
Bhawanipur. Kolkata.
West Bengal. India.
# Haveli is near to both Gujrati Samaj & Laxmi Narayan Temple.

Phone number : 91 - 33 - 24866879

Sri Dauji Mandir:

In Kolkata there is a Haveli of Sri Dauji locally known as Sri Baldeo Ji mandir. It is belongs to Dwitiya Peeth ( 2nd Gaddi ). There is a devine Svaroop of Sri Dauji in the Haveli. It is 5 minute far from the Sri Nath Ji Haveli and situated on Banstalla street, Barra Bazar only.

Sri Govardhan nath Ji's Haveli:

Another place of attraction for the Pusti Margi vaisnavs is the Haveli of Sri Govardhan Nath Ji. It is belongs to PP Purshottam Lal Ji Maharaj, Kota. It is 7- 8 minute away from the Sri Dauji Mandir.

Sri Govardhan Nath Ji, Sri Yamuna Maharani Ji, Sri Madan Mohan Ji and Sri Swamini Ji are being served in the Haveli.

Sri Sanvarelal Ji's Mandir:

Sri Savarelal Ji's Haveli is famous in all over world for its auspicious religious history and prachin pranalika. This should be a must visit place for vaisnavs. Even nearly all Goswami Balaks upfrontly visit the Haveli whenever they come to Kolkata. They served the Arti there.

There are Sri Sanvarelal and Sri Swamini Ji in the Mandir. Mandir is situated in Raja Katra, at Barra Bazar. The architect of the Mandir is totally according to the Rit of Pusti Marg. Nij mandir, Tiwari, Chauk, Saiya Mandir, Dol Tiwari, Govardhan Chauk all are there with pure Pusti Margi rit.

Svaroop of Sri Sanvarelal Ji is heart-snatching and eye-candid. He is in Tri-Bhanga posture. Till date Sri Savarelal Ji and Sri Swamini Ji wears Saccha Sringar ( original gold, gems, jewels and pearls). All century old Sahitya's are mentained excellently.

Sri Savarelal Ji is under the care of the lineage of Param Bhagvadiya Sri Puranmal Kkhatri, who was a sevak of Sri Acharyacharan and built up the first temple of Sri nath Ji on the hill top of Govardhan Parvat. This Haveli was established by Param Baghvadiya Gaulokvasi Sri Raja Babu Burman. Neetya Leela Goswami Sri Dwarkeshlal Ji Maharaj, ( Pratham Peeth ) was the prime person to establish the Seva Pranalika in this aspicious Haveli. The Seva Pranalika of Sri Savarelal Ji is mainly influenced by the seva of Sri Mathuresh Ji, Pratham Peeth.

After the Gaulok Gaman of very well known vaisnav Param Baghvadiya Sri Jagu Babu currently Sri Savrelal Ji is under care of Param Bhagvadiya Sri Ravi Babu and Chachi Ji. The speciality of this Haveli is that no one except the family members can offer financial seva here.

Till date in this Haveli they are maintaining the original form of Astha Cchap Kirtan Seva. Vaisnavs can enjoy the Blissfulness of Sri Savarelal Ji specially on the time of Sravan, Phagun, Adhik Maas etc. There is not a single day in those special times in which this aspicious Haveli is not being visited probably by the every Vaisnav of Kolkata. Even in general times hundreds of vaisnavs visit this Haveli daily basis.

If any one wants to know further about the Ganga Sagar and Kolkata i would like to be contacted on 91+9830281936.

Please feel free to let me serve you all.

Jai Sri Krishna.


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