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  Disscuss it all.
 Pustimarg and Navgrah:
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Posted - 02 August 2007 :  18:48:25

Jai Jai shri Gokulesh

Mantropasan-Vaidik-Tantrik-Diksha-Archanadividhibhiryam I 
Ashpushto Ramate NijBhakteshu Sa Meastu Sarvasvam II
(Shri Vitthalnathji Shri Gusainji Virachit Bhakti Hansa)

I was shocked to read an article few days back whose title goes like “Pushtimarg and Navgrah”. I never heard such kind of talks in my entire life which consist of Traditional Pushtimargiya manners inculcated in me. In Pushti Bhakti Marg which is the best sect in the Vaishnavism, when someone talks about Voo Doo, Magic, Planetary Positions I feel very dejected. In our sect it is clearly stated by ShriMahaprabhuji, the only way to get Fruits of the deeds done in life is through to do Bhagavat seva (To serve LORD whole heartedly) and Bhagavat Katha (To always remember the lord no matter what you do). Lord has himself stated that; “Bhaktyahamekya Grahyahm; Bhaktya Labhyastvananyaya” etc. ShriMahaprabhuji himself has specified in Shodash Granth that – “Sevayam Va Kathayam Va” Which means that a Vaishnav himself does many things to make his Lord happy? Like wise Yashoda Maiya doing many things to see her Kanha happy, Vraj Swaminiji’s devoting everything to ShriPrabhu, Gwalas also see to it that they follow all the instructions without any second thought to see Krishna happy, and also lastly a Devotee would do everything possible to please his master who resides with him in his very home, and in return if Moksha is granted to that Devotee, it is just a mere thing for him as compared to the Happiness which he receives when he sees the Lord happy with his Deeds.

Lord has clearly stated that…

“SalokyaSarashtiSamipyaSayujyektvampyut I
Diyamanam Gruhamanti Vinamtasevanam Janaah II”

If one belonging to such a Beautiful sect like Vaishnavism, and often talks of the planetary position and gets involves himself in the Baseless rituals to save himself from the Effects of such things, one advice from Lord is “STAY AWAY”.

ShriMahaprabhuji is profounder of this path and this was further Shri Gopinathji and Shri Vitthalnathji (ShriGusainji) took the responsibility of carrying the tradition of Sampradaya. Shri Vitthalnathji’s 7 Swaroops/forms (Son).i.e. Shri Giridharji, ShriGovindji, ShriBalKrishnaji, ShriGokulnathji, ShriRaghunathji, Shri Ghanshyamji. All this 10 Swaroops are like “Vastutam Krushna Eva” for the sampradaya (Sect). At Shrimad Bhagwat 10 Lila’s (play) are explained which is present in all these 10 Swaroops. Who knows why we all have forgotten Shri Gopinathji Prabhucharan today. Even though he wrote "Sadhana Dipika Granth" which shows how to serve lord and text full of bhaav and gives precise instructions on acharan - the dos and don'ts of the sect. For him Shri Gusainji wrote the following Hymn in Manglacharan.

“Yadnograhato Jantuh Sarvadukhatigobhavet |
Tamaham Sarvada Vande Shrimad Vallabha Nandanam ||”

It is said that, we all have forgotten such Shri Vallabhnandan Shri Gopinathji Prabhucharan! All this 10 Swaroops are to be compared with Navgrah or to remove the obstacles arising from this graha we compare this Swaroops to remove our worldly obstacles as an solution what would be the condition of our path. Ahem! this talk doesn’t end here, In the name of Pustimarg many pushtimargiya organizations supports them too!! Also encourages it!

In this way now a days we get to see such things! The person on whom such graha’s are effecting and creating an obstacle, such people takes the name of any one Swaroop out of 9 Swaroop and starts doing the Japa creating a mantra. Also offerings are made to have. For e.g. if there is an effect (dasha) of Surya then they do chant ShriAcharya Charan Sharanam Mama or ShriVallabha Sharanam Mama for around 7010 times to get everything well! With regards to that wearing such Gems and then to offer few things! Similarly ShriGusainji Sharanam Mama for 10000 times for Chandra dasha (effect)! And ShriGokulnathji Sharanam Mama for 11000 times for Mangal Dasha! Etc etc. By doing this all the negative effects will be destroyed such thoughts are famous now!

According to this divine path those people who are involved in such things due to lack of knowledge such people are diverting the devotional devotees towards wrong path. They publish it in News papers; Monthly Magazines etc before printing such articles person should at least think that in whose name we are publishing this? Thus such person never thinks for once that the person who is sitting on the footpath is trying to create an illusion and diverting them from the path. Tomorrow such vendor will sell the pictures of ShriVallabhacharyaji, ShriGusainji and Saptacharya’s, divine text and hymns for there worldly expectations! The fruits of Krishnaadhramruta is shown by ShriPrabhucharan at Shri Sarvottamji will be published for the worldly deeds!! All the devotees of Pustimarg should stay in the limitations which are explained ane structured by Shri Mahaprabhuji to move ahead. And not with the business mind which diverts us from such a divine path!!

Is it necessary for us to do this? Is Pustimarg established to remove the negative effects aroused due to Navgrah?

Pushtimarg is like a good fertilizer which when sprinkled on barren land lush green harvest. Similarly when one embraces the Pushtimarg (the path of grace), person elevates from the state of ordinary worldly creature to graceful servant of the Lord, hence being a divine soul; this is possible by only prem lakshana bhakti and not through the obstacles of Graha. Shri Prabhucharan’s 5th Son ShriRaghuNathLalji in one of his wok with regards to ShriGusainji Prabhucharan in Shri Vitthaeshstavanam said that;

“Na Mantre Na Tantre Na cha Gyan Siddhau, Na VaikunthaBuddhistu Vaikunthalok I
GatiVitthaleshe Rati Vitthaleshe, Matti Vitthaleshe Sada Vai Mamastu II”

By doing Voo Doo, Magic etc or by becoming highly learned saint or keeping the heavenly attitude nothing can be achieved. Whatever will happen is because of understanding Shri Mahaprabhuji, ShriGusainji and Saptacharya’s secret divine works of literature which are explained by ShriHarirai Prabhucharan, BhashyaVakhyata Rashmikar of ShriGopeshwarji, Dashdigant Vijay of ShriPurushottamji Prabhucharan, and Also works of Kaka ShriVallabhji are the pillars of Pustimarg. At present era divine works of Shri Shyam Manoharji of Kishangad and ShriGurucharan Gokulestha Chaturthpithadhishwar Shri Devkinandanacharyaji Shri (Shri Suresh Bawa Shri)
etc are available….

Edited by - unnati on 02 August 2007 18:57:51

Shri Vallabha Charan Vina Sharan Koni Jaou.....Shri Vitthala Nam Vina Mantra Kya Thi Paou......Shri Vallabha Charan Vina Sharan Koni Jaou.....

Unnati Kadakia


Pushtikul Elite Member - August 2003

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Posted - 03 August 2007 :  18:49:24

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh,

Unnati, very good topic regarding the Andhshradha of Nav-grahs. GOod topic shared by you, Please keep it up.

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

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goswami manmathrai
P.P.Goswami (Shri Vallabhkul)

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Posted - 11 August 2007 :  12:13:20
सभी ग्रहों के ऊपर है...श्रीठाकुरजी का "अनुग्रह"!

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Posted - 13 August 2007 :  13:07:27

Shree Vallabhadheesh ki jai

Sashtaang dandvat pranam to Je je.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 19 February 2013 :  22:31:27
This is one beautiful topic. We should always take care for such mal-practice and believe what Shrimahaprabhu his given orders. Today we find that many does path of Navratna granth to abolish the Grah nadtar. Totally wrong practice.

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