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 Praghatiya of Udharvah Bujha of SHRI GOVERDHANDHAR
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Posted - 16 January 2008 :  18:00:43

In Samvad 1466, Sawan Shudh Teej, in Sawan Nakshatra, during Sun rise time
Shri Goverdhan Shri Nathji’s UDHARVAH BUJHA’S had appeared (PRAGHATHIYA).

Miracle Incident:- A vrajvasi named Goverdhandas lived in Anyor. He was Mukhiya (chief) of Anyor village. A guala (cow-herd) named Mansukha also lived here. He was responsible for taking all the cows of the village to the hill for gazing. These also included all cows of Goverdhandas. Goverdhandas had a well formed, milky-white cow. She was dear to all Vrajvasis. Suddenly from this day she stopped giving milk. Govardhandas suspected Mansukha stealing the milk.

Mansukha was fired, but he protested that he would prefer asking for the milk than to steal. He vowed to solve the mystery. The very next day in the morning he kept an eye on the cow and he noticed cow quietly separated from the herd and climbed Girirajji. She stopped at the place where Bujha was. She started releasing the milk from her udders, after finishing her milk; she came and joined the herd. This was repeated in the evening also. This process surprised Mansukha ….. a cow releasing her milk without being milked. It was hard to believe even after seeing!!

Mansukha narrated what ever he had seen and on hearing this, Goverdhandas could not believe Mansukha’s words and wanted to witness the same. Very next morning he along with other Vrajvasis accompanied Mansukha to see where the cow release the milk without being milked! To their surprise cow separated herself from the rest of the cows and went straight to the spot and started releasing her milk. Goverdhandas and other Vrajvasis were stunned with this unbelievable deed, this news spread around the village like a wild fire.

When Mohanji, an elder Vrajvasi heard this news, he told the Goverdhandas “I have heard from my elders that when there is deity or some treasure cow gives milk in this manner. Tomorrow morning let us solve this mystery.

Mohanji along with other Vrajvasis reached the spot and tried to move the stone to see what was inside, it was dark they could not see anything, suddenly a young guala shouted look here! It is the left hand of the deity, it is black in color but they could not find deity. They tried to move the stone but suddenly they heard sweet voice of young boy saying “I am Devdaman, I reside here. I will come out when ever is my will”.

Mohanji was astonished by the sweet voice and he told Vrajvasis that deity has manifested Himself and we cannot leave Him without performing Puja (worshipping) of this Bujha (Hand) the way, Vrajvasis did to Bhagwan Shri Krishna, after He held Girirajji for seven days.
The Vrajvasis brought with them:-

Dudh (milk),
Dhahi (curd),
Makhan (butter),
Jal (water),
Phul (flowers),
Tulsi (basil),
Kumkum (red color powder),
Aksha (rice),
Chandan (sandalwood),
Ambeer (white color powder)
Gulal (red color powder)
for Puja and from that day onwards daily they use to offer Dud (milk), Dhahi (curd), and Makhan (butter) to the Shri Devdaman Ji. Coincidentally this auspicious day was also Nag Panchami.

From this day all the Vrajvasis had full faith in this Vaam Bujha. Any thing lost or they want a child they use to request Vaam Bujha and in turn when it will be found they would offer Dudh, Dhahi and Makhan.

They went on worshipping for 70 long years till Samvat 1535, Vidi 11, Thursday. Shatbisha Nakshatra, Madiyan Kaal Murat, when Shri Goverdhan Nathji’s Mukharvind (face) appeared. At the same time Shri Maha Prabhu Ji appeared in Agni Kund and also parallely all those Vrajvasis of Shri Krishna Avatar, also appeared in human form all across the Vraj Bhumi.




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