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 what do we meant as " ANYASHRYA"
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raju somaiya
Entry Level Member

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Posted - 11 March 2008 :  16:53:05

Jai Jai Shree Gokulesh.

As a vaishnav, a follower of Sh. Vallabhacharya to what " ANYASHRYA" I understood ? can anybody enlight me in deep?

Raju Somaiya.Rajkot

R.R. Somaiya.

Entry Level Member

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Posted - 11 March 2008 :  18:53:08


anyashray is made of two words-first anya(that is of other),second ashray means refuge,that is taking refuge of other,in pustimarg whole and soul is shri thakorji,we samarpit everything to shri thakorji during bramsambhand,and we do pratigna that shree thakorji is  our only  refuge.In pustimarg shri thakorji is vash to vaishnavs,only when vaishnavs too surrender their things including themselves to shri thakorji,thus there is one and one relation,between vaishnav and thakorji,then only purna prem can take place.Thus when thakorji is adhin to vaishnav,he expects vaishnav also to be adhin to him and if vaishnav is not adhin to shree thakorji and believes in somebody else,then there comes apradh of anayshray,which thakorji does not forget easily,because he has offered himself completely to u and expects same in return.

This can be illustrated from lot of prasangs,

once there was a lady,sevak of shri gusainji,she use to do seva of shreenathjis vaastra,she had no family use to live alone.She use to do seva with lot of bhaav of vaishnavs and thakorji.Once there came a jamindar.He was incharge of measuring land.He wanted to build the road.Once in afternoon he was very tiered ,he went to rest under a tree,there he saw that vaishnav lady' s house,that lady as usual ,always fed and served any vaishnav  who came to her house,so she felt that the man was tiered and gave him water and sakhdi prasad of shree thakorji.Man ate prasad and left from there.The next day when he came to measure the land,he noticed that the path for building the road was close to that lady's field,so he went to lady and asked her that whether the land was hers.At that lady replied that land was her's ,and noticing that he was zamindar,of mere greed said that it was due his grace she had no problems and lived happily,listening this man felt to give her little extra portion of land and to make boundary little far from her field,listening this shree thakorji residing inside,was unhappy that lady had more trust in that man,than him,as she used the words that it was due to zamindars grace and not shree thakorji,and thakorji dissappeared from sihansan and never returned .Thus so is the punishment of anayashray of shree thakorji.

You know thakorji had to lift shree giriraji for seven days because of seven different types of anayshray nandrayji had ,and  due to this dosh,he had to take so much shram.

I hope to some extent i could fullfill your query,

for any mistakes i ask for forgiveness in lotus feet of shree thakorji and shree vallabh,


Edited by - shyamdasji on 11 March 2008 18:59:43

shyam vajani Go to Top of Page
Senior Member

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Posted - 13 March 2008 :  10:09:59

Few Links i m posting here, which is been discussed here on pushtikul. REgarding Anyashray. This will help to understand more.






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