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 Anakoot Samagri [?]
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Posted - 21 October 2003 :  00:51:53
Dear Vaishnavs,

Jai Shri Krishna.

Can anyone tell me....what are all the Samagries offered to Thakorji in an Anakoot ?

Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jai !!

Anand A. Majethia


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Posted - 17 November 2003 :  16:56:22
First of all, let me clear the meaning of Annkoot. Ann --> different types of food koot --> Bunches (Dhaglo),in large proportion Annkoot = food in large proportion. In Annkoot, All Sakhdi as well as unsakhdi samagri can be offered to Shri Thakorji in large proportion. You can see that all samagris are in large proportions only. I came to know this by satsang. Let me know if i am right or not.

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Posted - 21 November 2003 :  11:19:08
Jai shree krishna!!!!! Every year I perform seva on annakut at Nathdwara. There are many samagries and I can't tell you their name. There are Sakri as well as Unsakri . But that day Sakri bhog is important than unsakri.

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