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  Disscuss it all.
 Questions by Vaishnavs
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Posted - 21 January 2003 :  02:30:38
Jai Shree Krsna,

Vaishav brothers n sisters, I think we all vaishavs should post topics which should not insult women or thakurji. The last topic by Neil Panchamat was atrocious n does not suit a vaishav. This site is to get insight to Pushtimarg n get information when we donot get answers to our questions. Plus we should learn more towards the gyan marg n devote our time towards spiritualism, see where we are lacking in performing our duties towards thakurji n also to build up balance in the bank of thakurji as this will at the end of the day help us when we are in the court of Lord where in he will rewind the cassette of our life to show us in flash back what we did. Would you want to ashamed infront of our beloved?



Pushtikul Ethics Director / P.E.M. June 2003

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Posted - 21 January 2003 :  08:54:05
Yes I 100 % agree with Yoginiben, the question which was asked by neil Panchamet sholud not be asked or posted on the site, Through this site we ircreasing the knowledge of our Pushtimarg and Clearing our doubts by posting the question and whatever gyan we hav we are passing to others vaishnavs SO,I would like to suggest Mr. Anand, Mala and Vasant Punjabi who is moderating this site that the question which is posted in the site if it is irrelvant and by any chance if it is insulting to our Thakorji, Gurudev and Vaishnavs than please remove that question from the site Jai Shree Krishna Jatin Jatin Malkan

Shree Dwarikadhiski Jai
Shree Sri Lalji Pyare Ki Jai
Jatin Malkan

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President - Pushtikul.com

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Posted - 21 January 2003 :  12:58:36
Dear Yoginiben and Jatin, Jai Shri Krishna. It is a very wonderful thing to know that you both have such a great Love and affection towards Thakorji and our path of Pushtimarg. I have deleted the topic as suggested by both of you. Yes Jatin, surely here we must have Satsang and should avoid topics which are arguing with Shri Mahaprabhuji's principles. Yoginiben, please be kind to Vaishnavs and do pardon them for their mistakes. Afterall, they are Vaishnavs and it is the orders of Shri Mahaprabhuji to be kind to all living beings. Jai Shri Krishna, Anand Majethia (President)

Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jai !!

Anand A. Majethia


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