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  Disscuss it all.
 Bali raja and Vaman avatar
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Posted - 12 September 2004 :  16:31:01
jai shree krishna

can someone please brief me on the story of bali raja, as i have bits and pieces of it. i know thakorji vaman roop dhari ne bhutal upar aveche and asking for 3 times land (prithvi) or some thing and his leg couldnt fit in tino lok but not sure if some one can please brief on it or let me know where i can find it.

thank you


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Posted - 13 September 2004 :  03:54:48
Jai Shree Krishna, Bali Maharaja had conquered all the 3 worlds and he also overtook the heavenly planets of Devatas, if I am not wrong. But the king was very pious and was holding a yagna there. That time Bhagvan came there as a Dwarf Brahmana, and King seeing the effulgence of the Brahmana offered respects to him and asked to Brahmana to ask him something. That time the Brahmana asked for only 3 Steps of land that he could cover. Bali Maharaj said you dont even know how to ask for charity, you have asked the owner of all 3 worlds only for 3 little steps of land (as the brahmana was very small in size). At that time the Guru of Bali Maharaj Sukracharya recognized that he is Vishnu Avatar and warned him that he would take everything from you. But then Bali Maharaja said that if he really is Vishnu, then also we should not be afraid as they say the goal of life is to satisfy him. Thus let him have what he wants. Then the brahmana grew in size manifold and took very very large form. In his first step he covered patal and Dharti (earth), in his second step he took away swarg. Thus everything of Bali Maharaj was taken away and then Bhagvan asked Bali Maharaj where to keep his 3 step and he having realized it is Bhagvan himself, asked him to keep it on his head. Thus Vaman Avatas pleased by Bali Maharaj tolerance, made him the king of heavenly planets also. Then Vaman Avatar asked Bali Maharajas Guru Sukracharya, that what were the faults of your disciple, that he lost everything he had in possession. Then Sukracharya replied "My Lord, You are the enjoyer and lawgiver in all performances of sacrifice, and You are the yaj˝a-purus˛a, the person to whom all sacrifices are offered. If one has fully satisfied You, where is the chance of discrepancies or faults in his performances of sacrifice?" "There may be discrepancies in pronouncing the mantras and observing the regulative principles, and, moreover, there may be discrepancies in regard to time, place, person and paraphernalia. But when Your Lordship's holy name is chanted, everything becomes faultless." "Lord Vis˛n˛u, I must nonetheless act in obedience to Your order because obeying Your order is most auspicious and is the first duty of everyone." (http://vedabase.net/sb/8/23/en ) Whenever I have heard this katha, the speaker has always stressed on the last 3 points or paragraphs. Thus I have taken the direct quotations from the website. Jai Shree Krishna Manish

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Posted - 13 September 2004 :  18:23:38
Jai Shree Krishna Here is more information... Bhagvaan said - "Asur, You promised me to give me three feet land, you have given me only two feet land, now give me the third foot land. Your Guru agrees with this, so now you will have to go to Narak because you have not fulfilled your promise." Shukdev Jee said - "Bhagvaan insulted Bali to make him impatient but Bali was a very stable and religious person and his understanding was superb, so he said - "Hey Bhagvaan! You are thinking that I am lying, but it is not so. I will fulfill my promise. Kindly keep your third foot on my head. I am afraid of neither going to Narak, nor losing my kingdom, nor of tying me with Varun Paash, nor your punishment. I am only afraid of your defame. You are our secret Guru whose punishment is very respectful. My grandfather only chose you in spite of knowing that you are the killer of his relatives and friends because he knew that after death everything else abandons us except you." Bali was saying thus that Prahlaad also arrived there. Because of being tied Raajaa Bali could not welcome him as he used to do before. He lowered his eyes because of shame. Prahlaad saw Bhagvaan present there with His Paarshad. Prahlaad said - "Hey Bhagvaan, Only you gave Bali Indra's status, and today you have taken it away. As your giving is beautiful, so is your taking away. It is good that you have taken away this wealth from him. Because of the pride of this wealth, even the learned people become greedy." Brahmaa Jee wanted to say something to Bhagvaan, then Bali's wife Vindhyaavatee greeted Bhagvaan by bowing on His feet. She said - "Hey Prabhu, You have created this world for your pleasure. Who think that they are the doers, do not have a good wisdom. What can they give to you?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Prabhu, You have already taken his everything, now you free him. He is not worthy of your punishment. While giving you his wealth, he maintained his understanding and he did not forget his Dharm. Who worships you even with a leaf, or offers only water on your feet, you give him a higher Gati. Then Bali has given you all his Tri-Lok, then how can he be assigned sorrows." Bhagvaan said - "When I am pleased with somebody, I take away his wealth, because then he becomes mad after it and disrespects me. This Jeev takes birth in many Yoni according to his Karm. He gets the Manushya Yoni (human being body) with great difficulty. In Manushya Yoni, if somebody is not proud of his nobleness, Karm, status, Roop (beauty), Vidyaa (education) etc. then he should be grateful to me. This Bali will expand the fame of Daitya and Daanav Vansh. You can see, that he is not moved with all these things - I took his wealth, I took his kingdom, I tied him with Varun Paash, even his Guru scolded for vowing to give me three feet land and gave him Shaap, but he did not change his vow. Therefore I have given him that status which is not available even to Devtaa. He will be my dear devotee Indra in Saavarni Manvantar. Till then he will live in Sutal Lok created by Vishwakarmaa. There he will not feel any kind of illness, physical or mental, tiredness, defeat etc. Mahaaraaj Indrasen, Be happy, now you go to Sutal Lok with your relatives and friends. Even Devtaa desire that Lok. Even the great Lokpaal will not be able to defeat you. Whosoever Daitya will not obey you, my Chakra will kill him. I will guard your servants and pleasures and you will never feel any Daitya Prakriti (nature) in yourself." It is important to understand that Shree Thakorji pleased by Balis' bhakthi, even today gaurds him, by taking position as a dwarpal. This the Pushti bhav. Thakorji himself decides to protect Bali, pleased by his bhakthi. Hence Vaman Dwadashi, The birthday of Shree Vaman Swaroopa is celebrated in Pushtimarag. It is also of importance to understand Bali Rajas Bhakthi, like a true bhakt, he after losing everything offered himself to the lord, and wthstood his test. A quality which we cahn see in many varthas of 84/252 vaishnavs, where in kings have surrendered to the Shree thakorji everything in seva, in the process their kingdoms, wealth and all Royal glory had been lost, but they did not worry about it, as their chitt was only in Shree Thakorji. Such were the bhagvadiyas. Edited by - shreekant22 on September 13 2004 18:31:15

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Posted - 16 September 2004 :  15:30:48
Jai SHree Krishna As i am given to understad that NArak chaturdasi is the day during diwali being referred as the the day of this incidence. Is it correct?

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