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 Shri Tribangirai Swaroop
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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 28 September 2004 :  22:18:50
Jai Shri Krishna,

Lets see if anyone can describe Shri Tribangirai Swaroop and how did God get this name and whcih Lila was it done?


Entry Level Member

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Posted - 14 August 2006 :  21:26:15
jai shree krishna, vallabha dish ki jai the swaroop of lalit tribhangaji is a very beautiful swaroop, it is a swaroop of lagu raas, as the name suggest lalit tribhang, tribhang means tri means three and bhang means bent this swaroop was found by kshtrani in gokul from yamunaji i am mentioning about the original swaroop shree is bhang at three places legs , kati pradesh and at neck,it is shyam in varna this swaroop was given to deva kapur as sevya by shri mahaprabhuji, this swaroop was originally present at nathdwara with navnitlalji while shri kaka vallabhji distributed seven swaroops to his seven sons out of which he distributed this swaroop to one of his son and these were known as chote nidhi thereforth in our sampraday. if any mistake done i ask shama in lotus feet of shree vallabhadhish ji giriraj dharan ki jai

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