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 Barah Vanns of Vraj Part 1
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Posted - 09 October 2004 :  18:35:25
(I had recently posted a topic on the Barah Vanns of Vraj. In continuation, I am here describing their Importance)

The Barah Vanns of Vraj are: 1. Madhuvan 2.Taalvan 3.Kumudhvan 4.Bahulavan 5.Kaamvan 6.Bidarvan 7.Vrundavan 8.Bhadravan 9.Bhandirvan 10. Belvan 11.Lahvan 12.Mahavan

Madhuvan: It is the first halting point of 84 kos parikrama.

Madhuvan is about 4 Miles away from the Mathura Township, and the town is known as Maholi. Its Historical importance and Main places of Madhuvan are added in the Yatra section. In this section only Thakorjis Rahsya leela is described.

Brief mention of places of Importance in and around Madhuvan: Krushnakund / Madhu kund, Shree Mahaprabhujis Baithakji, Dhruv tila, Shitla kund.

Shree Thakorjis Rahasyaleela: Once Shree Swaminiji wished to be seated in Samadhi/meditation here. Accordingly she ordered all her sakhis to guard the surrounding area and not to allow any body inside, including Shree Thakorji. Saying this Shree Swaminiji located a spot having dense jungle and seated in Samadhi. After her being involved in Samadhi, in a few moments Shree Thakorji arrived. When told about Shree Swaminijis order, Shree Thakorji walked in curious to know what let Shree Swaminiji towards such an act, and who was she worshipping and what her desires were. However, Shree Swaminiji, in her Samadhi state did not notice Shree Thakorji at all and hence did respond. See this, Shree Thakorji invited all the sakhis and started playing music and singing. The atmosphere was charged with Raas leela. Shree Swaminji, unable to concentrate any more and opened her eyes. Her Samadhi was broken and she was even more wonder struck with what she saw. She saw many swaroops of Shree Thakorji, but not a single sakhi. Shree Swaminji asked Shree Thakroji : Maharaj, What kind of leela is this without any bhakts of yours. Shree Swaminji further seeked pardon, if she had committed any mistake. Shree Thakorji immediately absolving Shree Swaminiji of any mistake, told her that he was only giving her darshan the way in which she had meditated of his swaroopa in Samadhi. Having realized her mistake, Shree Swaminiji acknowledges the fact that she had definitely committed the mistake of not involving all the sakhis, the vraj bhakthas of Shree Thakroji. Shree Thakorji having made his point, immediately gave his darshan along with all the sakhis and hence performed this aloukik rahasya leela.

Further, Shree thakorji used to regularly visit Madhuvan, during Cattle Grazing. During such times his Sakhas used to bring Chaas (buttermilk) for him during noon time, hence Madhuvan also happens to be the divine land where Shree Thakorji performed chaakleela

During Rainy season, Shree Thakorji, along with Shree Swaminiji used to visit Madhuvan to admire its beauty, and do Van vihar and hindola here.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

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Posted - 27 October 2004 :  20:28:30
Dear Shreekantbhai Jai Shree Krsna The topic says Part 1- so hopping to read part 2? Thank You Anjli

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Posted - 27 October 2004 :  22:54:12
Jai Shree Krishna Shreekantji khubh anand aviyo ho !!!!!!!!! Daso no das Pushtidas

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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 01 November 2004 :  07:58:06
Jai Shree Krishna Will post the other parts shortly.

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