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Posted - 09 October 2004 :  18:38:35
Madhuvan: It is the first halting point of 84 kos parikrama.

Madhuvan is about 4 Miles away from the Mathura Township, and the town is known as Maholi. Shree Thakorjis Rahasya leelas at Madhuvan are described in 'About Krishna' section. In this section only Thakorjis Rahasya leela is described.

Historical Importance: The town of Maholi is surrounded by Madhuvan. Madhuvan is famous since ancient times. And it is said that, once upon time, Shree Yamunaji use to flow very close by. The famous Dhruv of Shreemad Bhagwatji had offered his meditation to Shree Thakorji along the banks of shree Yamunaji here. He through his great penance established the kingdom of Dhruvloka. Madhuvan was once upon a time ruled by a daitya known as Madhu, and hence got the name Madhuvan. The son of Madhu, Lavana was killed by Shree Ramchandrajis younger brother Sathrugna, and he established the kingdom here.

Places of Importance in Madhuvan: Krushnakund / Madhu kund: Located on one end of the town is this large lake. One can have darshan of Shree Madhuvanbihiriji (also know as Madhuvaniaji) and Shree Dauji nearby. Shree Madhuvanbihiriji is a Chaturbhuj swaroopa. It is further said that the great grandson of Lord Shree Krishna, Shree Vajranabhji had established the said swaroopa. Along the banks of this is lake is Shree Mahaprabhujis Baithakji.

Shree Mahaprabhujis Baithakji: During one of his Vraj parikramas, Shree Vallabh visited Madhuvan, He was accompanied by his six sevaks: Shree Vasudevdasji chakda, Shree Vadvendradasji kumbhar, Shree Govindji dave, Shree Madhav bhattji kashmiri, Shree Surdasji and Shree Paramanand dasji. Here along the banks of the lake, under a Kadamb tree, Shree Mahaprabhuji did Shreemad Bhagwat Parayan for seven days. And Shree Madhuvanbihairji used to come and listen the same, daily. One day it so happened that Shree Madhuvanbihairji started crying in front of Shree Mahaprabhuji. When asked the reason for it, Shree Madhuvanbihairji is supposed to have said that ever since his visit here to give vardhan to Shree Dhruvji, he had been waiting for him, Shree Vallabh. He requested Shree Vallabh to take him along and perform his seva. However, Shree Mahaprbhuji explained that he was then doing Prithvi pairkrama and would take him after the completion of the parikrama. To this Shree Madhuvanbihairji agreed, however was worried as to how he would identify him. When asked to give an identity, Shree Madhuvanbihairiji gave agya that when Shree Vallabh would visit Vallbh Ghat at Shree Gokul, he would there find an Mud-hill, that would break upon his arrival and the Chatubhuj swaroopa in it would be his. This Bethakji is surrounded by great divinity and Vaishanavs are allowed to do seva of Jhariji and Charan sparsh.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

Vasant Punjabi
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Posted - 09 October 2004 :  22:13:39
Jai Shri Krishna, This baithak comes under Goswami 108 Shri Rasikraiji Maharaj of Porbhander if I am not mistaken. Great place to visit and do jhariji also as the lady in charge there is very kind and helpful too and I think now they have a goshala too.

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Posted - 21 November 2004 :  00:04:32
jai jai shee gokulesh to shreekanth 22 please dont misunderstand me but this madhuvan bhaitak belong to shree rasikraji son of shree kumudani vajui and shree dwarkesh lalji. my guru is shree 108 shree madhavraji elder son of kumudani vajui and elder brother of shri rasikraji.the madhuvan bhaitak was managed by shree jamnabai and it is jamnabaiand other vaishnava in the supervision of rasikraji made bhataik beautiful.vasant knows all this.shreekanth writing is something different but experiencing shree thakurji sanubhav his something different.i request all of you to study shree kumudani vajui(we used to call shree bhabhiji)bhajans,shree pannaraja (rasikraji sister,and bhabhijis daughter kirtans)it will take you to shree leela darshan last stage of pusti bhakti.

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