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Posted - 05 May 2005 :  16:45:00
Jai Shri Krishna

Could anybody please tell me why the bhav of Sakhri (rice) is really high. Yesterday at the Uttsav everyone was very keen to give sakhri to all the Vaishnavs. Could anybody kindly explain the reason

Many Thanks

Sital Thakrar


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Posted - 25 June 2005 :  19:50:28
Jai Shree Krishna Sakhadi, actually doesnot refer to Rice alone, but all samagri made of Oil, Masals, Salt etc, including cereals, rice and other Anaaj. Samagri made/ having these ingredients all common under the sakhadi category of samagri. However, chief among all this is the cooked rice, and hence it is commonly refered to as sakhadi. Now Sakhadi bhog is the chief ingredient of the main bhog of the day to Shree Thakorji, i.e. is the Raaj Bhog, and no Mahaprasad is complete without sakhadi, hence its importance. Further, Cooked Rice had significant importance, due to the fact that Shree Vallabh, in his early seva days followed the principle of taking only Samarpit bhog of Shree Thakorji, that is to offer what ever eats, first to Shree thakorji, and rice was the main ingredient food in Shree Mahaprabhujis meal, he being of Southern origin. The other factor is also the great influence of Jagannath Puri temple on our seva, were too, Rice is the Mahaprasad.

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Posted - 28 June 2005 :  22:00:12
As very well explained by Shreekanth Bhai, Eg; Rotli, Puri, Dal, Bhat, Saak, Kathoor, Etc is called Sakhadi

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