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 What are the Doshas of Anyashraya ?
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President - Pushtikul.com

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Posted - 20 July 2002 :  03:23:07
What are the Doshas/Ill-effects of Anyashraya (i.e.Worshipping Gods other than that of Pushtimarga)?

Jai Shri Krishna,

Anand Majethia (President)

Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jai !!

Anand A. Majethia


News Reporter

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Posted - 08 February 2003 :  14:29:12
Jai Shree Krishna, FIrst thing i would like to tell is we can worship or we can go to any temple rather than pushtimargiya temple or god but we should have smaran of only our Thakorji, We should tell Jai Shree Krishna in other temple which we visit. Untill n unless we have smaran of our Thakorji we would not get the Doshas going to other temple. If we have taken Brahmasambandh we should try to walk on the path which 'Shree Mahaprabhuji' has led for Vaishnav's. We should try to avoid worshiping other god & if can't avoid you should always have smaran of Shree Thakorji & should speak out Jai Shree Krishna. So, by doing this, I think so we will be not doing any kind of "Anyashray" & will not get any kind of Doshas. This is according to my knowledge given by 'Shree Thakorji & Shree Vallabh.' Please guide me in regards to this, if i am wrong & can send me mail on chiragdoshi1@rediffmail.com . Chirag

(Chirag Doshi)

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Senior Member

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Posted - 09 February 2003 :  01:32:48
Jai Shree Krsna I agree with Chiragbhai n I don't think there is any Dosha in visiting any other temple. If u have seen the Mahabarat or Vishnu Puran then all the gods are inter-related I explain to u how Lord Shiva came out from the naval of Vishnu, Before the Kurushetra Battle Lord Krishna tells Arjun to do the Aradhana of Devi and get the protection of Devi Kavach to protect himself. Another incident Lord HANUMAN who was on the Dwajh the flag on the rath (was the third person who was listening to the GITA SAAR (Lord Krishna narrating the Gita to Arjun), when the pandavs were in Banvas n YUDISTARA asks Krishna how to face the diificult time of Banvas Krishna ask them to do the SHANI VRAT so that the effect of difficulties will be less. Are a few examples which i can mention. Please excuse me if im wrong or trying to bypass PUSTHIMARG. yogini Yogini

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Entry Level Member

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Posted - 09 February 2003 :  10:09:45
Jaishreekrishna! As far as I know little bit of this marg,I have known that "Anyashray" and "Asamarpit" are "badhak" i.e greatest obstacle in achieving "shree thakorji".There are'nt any such "doshas" or ill-effects if we worship other gods but Shree Mahaprabhuji says to have annanyata in shree thakorji. If we do not have annanyata then the only problem is Shree Thakorji does not like it as He loves His Sevaks too much to allow them to go elsewhere.There is nothing like punishment or such if we worship other Gods like said by Chirag but in that practice we loose our "annanyata" and love for Shree Thakorji and Shree Vallabh and Shree Thakorji does not show his Sahanubhav to us. Ami

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Pushtikul Ethics Director / P.E.M. June 2003

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Posted - 10 February 2003 :  09:26:19
Dear Anand, I agree with chirag ,we can visit to any temple and we can say Jai Shree Krishna to them by doing this we are not doing anyashray but condition to that we are not taking a Ashray of the god and also if we are taking the prasad of the other Gods than only we are doing anyashray. As a Pushtimargiya vaishnavs we have to follow the paath which is shown by Shree Mahaprabhuji but also we have to give respect to other Devi Devtas. If I am wrong than please let me know Jai Shree Krishna Jatin Malkan Edited by - jatin on February 10 2003 09:27:44

Shree Dwarikadhiski Jai
Shree Sri Lalji Pyare Ki Jai
Jatin Malkan

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Pushtikul Elite Member - November 2003

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Posted - 10 February 2003 :  13:52:08
Jai Shree Krishna... I would prefer to concentrate Mahaprabhuji / Thakorji feets continuously. One and only one, who is worthy to worship, as far as the Pushti-sect is concerned, is Shri Krishna, the revered God of all gods. All other gods/goddesses are devotees of Shri Krishna are respectable to us and one should never pray/worship to any other gods or goddesses for anything. I don't know what is right or wrong in our pushtimarg for visiting temples of other gods, but I would prefer to do whole heartedly seva-satsang with vaishnavs of our sect in our Thakorji's Haveli. Chirag bhai rightly says about we should have smaran of our Thakorji, but due to doshas in me I don't do smaran of our loving Thakorji all the time, but instead my mind gets involved in worldly matters almost most of the times. So, for me, I would prefer to do satsang with vaishnav in our Thakorji's haveli & try to divert my mind towards Thakorji's feets all the time. So, I would not at all, prefer to visit, temples of other gods as I'm afraid of getting anyashraya. Jai Shri Krishna, Devanshu

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