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 The third gadhi
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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 17 May 2004 :  11:57:30
What is celebrated as an very important utasav not only because of its divinity but also because of the leela performed of Shri Balkushnalalji- the head of this gadhi blessed by shree Gusainji to savour the leela by his future generations to come ?

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 20 May 2004 :  16:03:00
This incident took place on shree girirajji, when Gusainji brought all the swaroops from Gokul. Once during Nandamahotsav, the Tritiya Peedadheesh Shree Balkrushnalalji Maharajshree put on the costume of Yashodamayya and was performing Palna seva. Shree Gusainji too was involved in the utsav along with all the other Balaks. Shree Navneetpriyaji was in the Palna. Kirtans where being sung… Shree Balkurshnalalji listening to the kirtan and enjoying the seva…went into trance like situation…. And virtually transformed into Mother (Matru Bhav)….listening to the kirtan which was highlighting Thakorjis maternal affection and Breastfeeding….in reality it is said milk started flowing from Shree Balkrushnalaljis chest and he in his transcendental state, lifted the swaroopa of Shree Navneetpriyaji and placed it in his lap…Hearing about this, and having witnessed it himself Shree Gusainji came and retrieved Shree Navneetpriyaji from Shree Balkrushnalalji and placed him back in the Palna. Shree Balkushnalalji remained in this state of blissfulness for almost three days and on the fourth day returned to worldly senses. Shree Gusainji immensely pleased with Shree Balkrushnalalji, blessed him saying that May such blissful Nandmahotsav always be experienced by you and your lineage. And it is said that the same has been experienced and it is so today also. Thus this utsav is a special day in the calendar of Tritiya Gadhi.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai Go to Top of Page

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Posted - 20 May 2004 :  19:41:27
Jai Shree Krushna ! Nicely described ! I would just like to add that on this same occasion, Shree Gusainji, pleased with the Bhav of Shree Balkrushnalalji, told him to ask something, to which he said, "I would like to have this bhava during every Janmashthami celebration. Also I would like to have Shri Nathji's seva for some time." Then Shree Gusainji granted the first wish as above and said that the seva of Shree Nathji has already been granted to Shree Giridharji by none other than Shree Nathji himself, so at this stage i cannot give it to you, but in the due course of time when Shree Nathji would leave Vraj for Mevad, Shree Nathji would accept the service from your great grandson for one month. And it is described in the story of ShreeNathji's journey from Vraj to Mevad that his great grandson, Shree Brajrayji did manage to forcefully get the service of ShreeNathji from Shree Govindji etc near the Dandoti Dhar for twenty-seven days, after which again Shree Govindji regained the service. This is much more realishably described here : http://www.pushtisampraday.com/seven.html Jai Shree Krushna ! Dharmendra

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Pushtikul Elite Member - February 2004

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Posted - 20 May 2004 :  23:09:48
Jayshrikrishna, Shrikantbhai & Dharmendrabhai, you have explained this very nicely. thank you

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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 21 May 2004 :  10:58:49
Jai Shree Krishna Thankyou Dharmendra bhai for your addition. I happened to read this in Shree Giridharlaljis varthas and hence though it worthwhile sharing it in this forum.

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Pushtikul Elite Member - August 2003

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Posted - 22 May 2004 :  19:03:29
Jai Jai ShriGokulesh, Also i would like tosay that for the 3rd Gaadi, on this monday, 24th of may,the Birthday of Tritaya Yuvrajkumar Shri Dr. Vaagishkumarji Mahodayashri is there.

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

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