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 bethak ane gadiji
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Posted - 26 June 2004 :  23:14:59
Please can some one tell me what the difference is between a bathak and a gadiji? (Belonging to shri mahaprabhuji)

Jsk Hitesh.

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Posted - 27 June 2004 :  10:51:59
Jai Shree Krishna Baithak of Shree Mahaprabhuji is the place were Shree Vallabhacharya performed Bhagvat saptha. I am given to understand in Mumbai, during a bhagvat saptha, Vallbhkul initiated vaishnavs desirous of doing seva of shree Mahaparbhuji, may do so by performig the seva of Shree Gadiji of Shree Mahaprabhuji given during the occasion by the Vallbhkul themself. This is what is probabaly refered to as Gadiji.

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Posted - 01 July 2004 :  14:24:58
jai shree krishna yes shreekant bhai is right, from what i know, vaishnav who desire to do seva of mahaprabhuji vallbh kul gadiji swaroope padrawe, i have seen at many vaishnavs place,even hariraiji's gadiji

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