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 Goswami Haveli Group - to Get your Queries solved
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President - Pushtikul.com

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Posted - 14 November 2006 :  15:26:47
Jai Shree Krishna,

We hereby glad to invite you in our new group for Goswami Haveli. The Goswami Haveli is one of the main temples in Pushtimarg. It is in Prathamgruh and the main idols are Shri Natverlalji (Sevya by Shri Mahaprabhuji) and Shri Shyamlalji (Naroda bethak wala Shri Gopaldasji Vaishnav na Thakurji, Sevya by Shri Mahaprabhuji)

We could not e-mail one by one to all of you vaishnavs and so we have planned to make a group "goswami_haveli" in the group you can discuss, aks your questions to Acharyashri, you can see the photos of Manorathas and Utsavas and can stay connected with Yours HAVELI.

Contact for join in the group : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/goswami_haveli/join

You can post your response, queries or messages to Acharya Shri on this ID. Jai Jai will personally answer your genuine mail.

Contact for Acharya Shri : tilakbawa@yahoo.com">tilakbawa@yahoo.com

I think this group will be very useful for them who cannot visit the Haveli everyday.

Thanking You,
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Posted - 16 January 2007 :  10:33:54

Jai Shri Shrinathji,

Dear Anand bhai,

Like bhagirath brought ganga on this earth for a everyone similarly is the effort to start new group by pushtikul for making guru vachan available to all . By resolving our queries from shri shri jai jai it would save us from lot of seva apradhs we might be doing while performing seva of our lord.

With salutations from heart in the feets of sri Jai Jai i would appreciate the efforts and the blessed opportunity we will get of interacting and receiving the nectar of guru vachan . 

Thanking all the vaishanvs who decided to launch this group and with dandwat in feets of sribawa who will be sparing time from his seva to protect and direct his children and disciples . May his blessings shower upon each one of us and his words acts as a catalyst to crop our hearts with the feeling of bhaav for my lord shri gridhariju.


Pandit Amit 

Sri Gusai param dayalve namah, Jai sri SHRINATHJI sarkar,

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Posted - 31 March 2007 :  23:09:29

i know the good effects of sarvotam stotra...i donot hve the slokas of that can anyone give me the likn from where i can down load sarvotam stotra

thank u

jai shri krishna dipika na

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