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 Meaning of life
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Posted - 10 May 2015 :  17:29:32
Dear Vaishanavas

What is the meaning of life?

Birth, youth, family, loved ones, wife, husband, mother, father, brother, sister, children, relations, responsibilty, possessions, addictions, disease and afflictions, hardship and pain and suffering, and sadness and sorrow and happiness and laughter, reflection and finally death, and leaving a legacy.

What is the purpose of this and why designed thus?

To start all over again and if not where does the soul go and what form does it take if it is not reborn in another body.

Or finally resides with God, what existence does it have (only being able to use our only experience of life on Earth?)

Please enlighten me.


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Posted - 21 January 2016 :  00:10:29
Jai Shri Krishna Since the query is generic, here is a simple attempt to a generic answer From pushtimarg point of view, Shri Mahaprabhuji's granths "Pushti, Pravah, Maryada.." and deal with all this nicely. in one sentence - a soul is part and parcel of God - as the scriptures use the analogy - sparks from the fire .... God generates the souls from within Himself and places them according to their given capacity and capability in various pats of His creation - All this is for His entertainment (whether we accept it or not). The answer is available in various forms throughout many scriptures and discourses (vachanmruts) Hindu Philosophy accepts rebirths/incarnations and laws of karma - with each birth a soul would become more enlightened through experiences it has in each life. Eventually with as it progress in enlightenment and/or devotional achievements the soul would be liberated from the cycle of birth/death and would return to its origin - God so according to the category of that soul, it would follow any of the designated paths which are assigned to it. Path of Knowledge (Gyan) - learn and follow scriptural injunctions and various practices of jap, tap, vrats, etc. Usually, in this case, after collecting enough credit points, the soul returns to God and merges with the infinite and looses its identity. In some cases, the knowledge (when knowledge becomes ripened enough - mahatmya gyan) also gives rise to devotion. Path of Devotion (Bhakti) - retains its identity and would eventually be liberated to achieve any of the four main types of mukti. Path of Karma (Action) - similar to knowledge, but here one just lives and tries to be "good" - good deeds = good returns/merits (and vise versa)... or maybe a mixture of above (new age spiritualism, etc) in the last two cases, if the category of the soul is not meant to return to God, it will continue taking births to keep the creation going. Hope others can help clarify and correct my misunderstandings Best

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