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 Barah vanns of Vraj - Part 2
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Posted - 07 November 2004 :  00:41:28
In continuation of this series, presenting the second among the Barah Vanns Taal Vann. Taal Vann: It is the Second halting point of 84 kos parikrama. Taal Vann is about 2.5 Miles away from Madhuvan, and is enrout to Kumudvan. Its Historical importance and Main places are added in the Yatra section. In this section only Thakorjis Rahsya leela is described. Brief mention of places of Importance in and around Taalvann: Tarasinha Town and Paani kheda town. Shree Thakorjis Rahasyaleela at Taal Vann: In Saraswatklap Shree thakorji performed Raas leelas here. During one such prasang, While the Rass was going on, Shree Swaminiji suddenly left the Raas and attained the state of Maan, (A self implicated state of Mental and physical being seeking the attention on loved one). Noticing this Shree Thakorji followed Shree Swaminiji and tried to persuade her to join the raas again. Inspite of his repeated pleas, Shree Swaminiji did not budge. Shree Thakorji hence performed a new leela. He Vanished from the Rass leela venue and hid himself amongst many beautiful blue Lotuses in a nearby pond. Noticing the absence of Shree Thakorji, Swaminiji unable to bear the virah immediately started looking for him. She first enquired all the sakhis. Her impatience grew manifold and she sought immediate answer from any one of them. She Chandravaliji offered some help by saying that he had left the raas in search of Swaminiji, a long time back. And she thought that Prabhu was with Swaminiji. She too expressed her restlessness in the adsence of Shree Thakorji. Realising that no one knew Shree thakorjis whereabouts, Shree Swaminiji decided to search for him, and asked all the sakhis to do the same. Knowing the impossibility of searching out Shree Thakorji, Shree Chandravaliji commented that he is like a Bee and must be buzzing around somewhere with one of the sakhis. Unknowingly Shree Vishakhaji said that may be he is in that pond, among the lotuses. One instinct led to another and Shree Swaminiji decided to look for him among the lotuses. She too stepped into the pond. She moved among the Blue lotuses and lo behold, Shree Thakorji was truly there hiding among the Lotuses. Having found Shree Thakorji, she was truly delighted and immediately questioned Shree Thakorji, as to what he was doing here among the lotuses. Shree Thakorji, having finally broken Shree Swaminijis Maan, did not want to get her into another of those difficult stages, and reminded her that she had promised Shree Lalitaji, that she would bring Shree Thakorji to her place for tasting and enjoying the samagris made by her. And it was time to full fill the promise. Hearing Prabhus desire for the same, Shree Lalitaji immediately rushed and invited the Jugal swaroopa to the Nikunj and offered them beautifully made delicious pakwans. This way Shree Thakorji while giving samadhan to Shree Swaminiji also fulfilled the Manorath of Shree Lalitaji.

Further Talvann is also the very place were Kapil Muni had preformed his Tapasya, and established the Idle of Shree Vraha Bahgwan for worship. This is as per the details mentioned in the Varah puran.

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Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

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