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 Nav-Villas-Episode 8b (Radha sukh bhava)
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Posted - 20 December 2004 :  15:32:53
Episode 8B

Radhaji knew that that Par Brahma is "Shringar Sarso Hari". Shree Krishna is "Dwid-dalatmak", meaning his ras swaroop mainly divided into two Shringar elements, that is, "Sayog" (In physical presence) and "Viprayog" (In a state of separation).

A Sayog ras element is "Raso vaih swaha" masculine consciousness. So in sayog status Shree Hari will transport male dominancy nirodha lila. Here the state of nirodha is where nothing besides God is recognised. Everything else has come to a standstill. This sayog ras is known as "Pubhavatamak" sayog ras. God depicts as He-man and instigates the intriguing lila ras.

In Viprayog state, God brings about the stribhavroop. This is the state, which Varj Bhakto (Gopis) had gone through. The divine Radhaji understood the nature of that joy and she delights in Viprayog swaroop lila. This lila ras is the unsurpassed reward. Before there is lila entrance, one must understand as Radhaji does, that Krishna, the Brahma is also:

"Infinite beyond time and space, beyond all worldly form." "Imperishable, the source of creation and the formless abode of liberation."

Radhaji had taken this to heart, and she rises to lila, to unbounded touch of Krishna, caressing the perfect mould of her vraksthals (breasts) and then Krishna brings that feeling of total bliss in her every part of the body. She is manifestation of Shree Krishna. She is the Supreme Goddess. She trembled at Krishna clasped his adhar aust (His lips) on to delicate rasmohini's lips, Radha's attainment of the nectar, a cry of ecstasy filled the Joy in the air, and she attained that nirodha bhava, arises after emergence of devotion. Her entire Shree Yang liberated and she rested her refuge in Hari. This happened and Shree Hari entered into her liberated shree yang and hence, the soul enjoyment commenced. The attainment of this state revealed was a gradual procedure.

She first came to know Krishna as God and then desired Him as her husband. To Radhaji, this was a spiritual training and fully realized Krishna in lila ras bhava vihar.

The sage Sukadevji is explaining the devotional nature of Radhaji, who has left everything for Krishna. She is experts in love games and is accomplished.

First Krishna enjoys Radhaji, then, Radha enjoys Krishna in the surge of grace, the roles reversed. Now Radhaji is initiation the love play games. She enjoys Krishna, the way He enjoyed her. Radhaji is certainly Krishna-enjoyers.

"Oh Radhaji, why have you switched the role play?" Krishna whispered.

"I want to remind you of the promise you gave to 'Agni Kumars', the Fire Virgins. They only wanted to enjoy you, and only you. Remember they are unmarried and attached solely to you."

"Yes I remember them. They knew the absolute. They have tasted it and now wants that supreme flavour again." Krishna started fondling Radha's hair.

She kneeled and kissed Krishna's lotus feet, the very form of devotion, purity. These lotus feet have appeared not only for play, but to establish bhakti in Shree Krishna's lila people.

Shree Krishna again clasped Himself to Radhaji. Hari's Brahma-ras made its way into Radhaji's shree yang. It has a complete penetration into her beings. Her heart filled with divine song, flooded with devotion.

The petal of love has two sides. Ras flourishes when cycle of love is lost searched for and found. This all occurs within her inner and outer lila shree yang. The inward expression of devotion is separation, Viprayog ras.

Union is found on the outward manifestation. Yang and shree yang sangam.

It is like a call of Bansi. It flows the ras of union and separation. At times they flow in each other. Radha tasted His nectar once more and now savor His fragrance everywhere. She touched Him gently and directly with joyful proximity. She integrated all of Her bhavas continually into her devotion. She understood the fruit of attaining human form is to use God-given senses to experience Krishna. To join her complete body and senses in Hari's pleasure.

Radha knows Krishna is Brahma and have been blessed with ability to know through all her senses. Her senses have power to experience divinity and those who deny this truth are trapped in a totally dark room and claim.

Radha stared at her beloved's face. "Krishna, all gopis are united in their obsession with you. They observe you as you enter and wander through the Vrindavan groves. Accompanied by your band of joyful cowlads. Their love, is one-pointed, they see Krishna everywhere. All forms have become Krishna's expansions."

"I am aware of their addiction, as bhakta, they can no longer live without Krishna." Krishna replied. He stared into Radha's eyes with firm mood of love.

"Yes, I have seen a yearning for you becomes constant." Radhaji looked at lovely lotus-petal like lips and could not resist and touched both lips with her index finger.

"Yes, that is true, but to fulfil that ras, I must have some covering, I will not reveal everything." Krishna now was playing on Radha's well-moulded contours and occasionally stroked the silk form of her kesu (hair).

"Yes, I agree. To protect ras there must be discretion and I am sure, my love, you can accomplish this." Radha admired the splendour of Krishna's form.

Krishna smiled. He was silent, so Radhaji said, "Krishna, my love, you are beyond law, yet you also contains it. I believe that every ras should have coverage within your attire. Ras arises when the three qualities of Tamus, Rajaas and Sattva intermingle and make nine different impressions. This can be classified as Nav (nine) villas. Ras varies infinitely according to its components. Any ras that is connected to my love, Krishna, becomes Krishna ras regardless of attributes."

"Oh Radha, my sweet heart, my ras is pure and ras is enhanced and nourished by the songs and instruments of my companions. So tell me how should I cover up the lila?" Krishna was playing with Radha's kangan on her left wrist.

"Just like you covered up our lila. Your yellow shawl (Pitambber). It is the mayavi curtain, the protector of secrets." Said Radhaji.

"Pitambber?" Shree Krishna exclaimed.

"Yes, Shree Krishna, as you create natural desire by the sound of your flute and transform the lila, you can use the maya to create secret within boundary of pitambber." Radha smiled and she looked at Krishna and gave that look which told Krishna in a silent form that I know what meritorious act has that bamboo flute performed and that has allowed it to enjoy at their property, the nectar of Shree Krishna's lips!

"Well, everyone knows that only goddess of beauty has the right to enjoy me." Krishna replied.

"The fruit of dharma corresponds directly to action. It is the law of Karma." Radhaji smiled and winked at Krishna.

"O Radha, divine things are always filled with consciousness, regardless of what they are or where they live." Shree Krishna stroked lightly on beautiful form of her shoulders.

"O Krishna can I ask you what has that bamboo reed done to be allowed the exalted reward of connection with your lips?"

"Why do you ask this?" Krishna looked into her eyes. Surprised.

"A cloud of doubt arises in gopis' minds concerning the reward you freely give to a river reed?" Radhaji held Krishna's hand and squeezed it passionately.

"Why cloud of doubt?"

"That flute is a man, impossible for you as Krishna to enjoy. It has entirely the wrong form. Your lips are the abode of yearning, unattainable through any discipline."

Shree Krishna laughed

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Posted - 24 December 2004 :  08:11:10

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Posted - 24 December 2004 :  14:07:18
Jai Shree Krishna "Excellent" Pushtidasji. The "FLUTE" Shree Krishna sings out His irrepressible joy upon His reed. He is never withoutHis "FLUTE" by day or night. Flute is a bamboo ree, with seven holes specially made, apart from the main opening at the end. Through one hole at the top, the player blows and by controlling the seven holes he brings out the song of His heart. The "FLUTE" in the hands of of Shree Krishna can be YOU, or I , In our personally structre, we have spots: The five organs of perception,mind, intellect and ego. The Lord fills up with His Breath, the life, and plays upon these spots to bring out the melody He wants. We, in our ego, try to sing our own songs and thus bring wrong notes into His Music Divine! If we can allow an uniterrupted and faitful flow of HIs will, He shall ever keep US in HIs hands.

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Posted - 26 December 2004 :  06:04:33
Jai Shree Krishna Well what can I say to you Vinodbhai. Bansi na nadai hun to Bhawari bani..... And Dattubhai, ever so thankful to you that you have given me that boost to compile this article in its real form. I hope you will love the next episode even more. Nine ras bhava is now the begining of Nav-Villas. I am ever so pleased that all vaishnavs, although, they silently read the article and web away in oblivation. To me that silent gesture is also a blissful grace of vaishnavta. Thanks all the vallabhi, "parox" or "aparox".

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