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 Shastrarth Prakaran Nibandh
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Posted - 21 September 2004 :  10:31:07
Jai Jai ShriGokulesh, BUDHAVATAARE TWADHUNA KALAO TADWASHAGAHA SUREHA || NAMAMATANI VIPRESHU BHUTVA KURVANTI MOHANAM || 16 || means: (with tika) if krishna seva is the best option in this world, then why all man don't do krishnaseva? for it's answer in sharstrarthprakaran of nibandh, by ShriAacharyaji gives aagyna that the word "Budhavatare" is written. In ShriGitaji, two types of jeevs are described. 1. daivi 2. aasuri (daitya). When aasuri (daitya jeevs started living or believing in krishna the shreshthmarg (worship to krishna) then to divert them from shreshta marg Bhagvan took avtar of Budha and the mul of Dharam is ved was ordered to make fun of itself and also god gave aagyna that criticise purana and attract daityas back to the bad marg. Then the Devtas to follow the orders of almighty, took birth in rishikul and started the prachar by creating mayavaad, nyay, sankhya, charvak, etc. the wrong mohak shastras made. In these shastras such wrong things were written that our mind gets diverted from Bhakti ||16|| shastrarth prakaran, nibandh pub:- vaishnava mitramandal sarvajanik nyas

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

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