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  Krishna & His Leelas
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Posted - 27 September 2004 :  00:32:31
JAI SHREE KRISHNA I was rather impressed when I saw a play/drama - where very young students were participating - & Hear the English Version of Makhan Chor - This how the liitle children deliveried their dialouges This drama is about Lord Krishna and his Leelas - LITTLE KRISHNA KEPT OPENING & SHUTTING THE REFRIGETORS DOOR AND STEALING BUTTER AND LOOK ALSO FEEDING HE MONKEYS THE PLAY BROUGHT LAUGHTER AND TEARS, JUST LEAVING US WONDERING DID JASODA MAIYA HAVE FRIDGE TO STORE THE MAKHAN?

The point I am trying to make that even children who have learnt a little about Krishna are potraying the Leela's with the best of their abilities and understanding. May be as they mature, they will change the Fridge to Matkis (earthen pots)

When checked with the Little Krishna (The actor) - He said he picked a few lines from MUM,DAD & Other SAINTS & KATHAKARS & WEBSITES - that Krishna used to steal Makhan and they chose to potray it their understandings.

Wished them JAI SHREE KRISHNA & hoping they run into right Gurudev who will guide them to PUSHTIMARG.

Jai Shree Krishna Vinod Savjani

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Posted - 23 October 2004 :  15:22:27
Jai Shree Krishna Vinod bhai your observation and the entire bhav presented in lighter vien is well understood. However, this prompts me to mention that while many of us think that MAKHAN CHORI leela is a simple story of Shree Thakorji stealing makhan from the houses of the various gopis, there exists very deep meaning to the entire episode and is one of the standing examples of the fact that Shree Thakorjis leelas indeed had nothing but pushtibhaav in it. Here is how it goes... When Shree Thakorji used to go and steal makhan from the houses of various gopis, they used to complain, but however, to whose so ever homes Shree Thakorji used to steal makhan, they used to secretly rejoice and be extremely happy of the fact that Shree thakorji had today graced their home. Not stopping here, all the gopis, only wish, only manorath was that he should come to their house and perform this great leela. The reason behind the willful act is that when Shree Thakorji used to come and do makhan chori, he was not stealing their makhan, but their hearts, their very concentration, chitt was being taken away. For in making the makhan, the gopis where only exploring the goodta (essence) in the milk and that too while doing the chintan of shree thakorji. Hence the outcome of this chintan was the most essential bhav laden makhan. This also leads us to the next query that if it was so, and even if they secretly wished to be so, then why complain. The answer to this is as follows... The Gopis very much wanted to witness and be part of the leela. However, when the moment of the actual act came, they realised that they were not fit enough to be a part of such a divine leelas, as they themselves were prone to many doshas including kaam, impure actions etc. However, Shre Thakorji forcefully goes and steals their hearts, for when he does such an act, he tells the gopis that to accept you in your purest form is an act of maryada, where as here i have come to accept you as you are, as it is, for to accept the jeev, as he is, and only seeing his shuddhata in bhaav is Pushti leela. Makhan chori leela therefore not only highlights Thakrojis leela but is a standing example of Prabhus divine grace on Pushtibhakti. This also highlights Shree Vallabhs greatness in giving us jeevs such an elevated platform to reach Shree Thakorji. Hail pushitmarag and its siddhants. Edited by - shreekant22 on October 23 2004 15:28:22

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Posted - 23 October 2004 :  16:31:29
Jai Shree Krishna Vindh bhai, I shall be greatful to you if you could highlight this good bhav to the nanna munna rahis and plant thec seed of Vasihnavta in them.

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