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 Nav-Villas - Fifth episode
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Posted - 01 November 2004 :  06:47:48
The Nav-Villas-fifth episode

Radhaji was unconcious and there was that air of panic in the atmosphere. One of the sakhi went to Vrashbhanpura with the news. Mukhra Kirtidevi tried to revive Radhaji from her unconcious state. At that time Purnmasi was going to Nandiswar. When Mukhra Kirti Devi saw Purnmasi, she approached her and started crying.

"Why are you crying, o Mukhraji ?" Purnmasi asked.

"O Purnmasiji, mero dhan to Radha hai, she is my darling and I cannot see her suffering like this. Radha is unconcious and I don't understand what she is mumbling in her unconcious state. Dekho kaown najar gati meri Radha ko?" Mukhraji invited Purnmasiji to look at Radhaji.

Purnmasi went close to Radhaji and put her ears towards Radhaji's lips to listen what she was mumbling. Purnmasi could make out Krishna's name when she listened to Radah's mumbling.

She turned to Mukhraji and said,"There is only one person who can help. And that is Baba Nandji and Yashodaji's son Krishna. I know that He is "Anant Guni" and unfortunately his eyes have fallen on your beloved Radhaji and she is beholded and smitten. I must say that once Shree Krishna's eyes falls on anyone,wether he is "Bhoot" (GHOST), "Praat" (Devil)"Daintiya" (Giant),"Danava" (Evil spirit), "Putana" (Female Giant), "Pichaas" (Zombi) and "Dakaan" (the Witch) have no chance to servive from His look."

To this Mukhraji replied," Hey Mahasvarni, O mataji, you are the only one who really knows and can help Radha Pyari, but I know Kanudo has a reputation and I really don't want to ask for His help. Can you not have any other way to get Radha from this predicament."

Purnmasiji knelt beside Radhaji and said into her left ear,"Aho Putah Radha, oh dear daughter Radha, Tum badai gopki beti ho , tatai tumko aiso na chahiye,you should be strong and dont despair."

Radhaji opened her eyes and said in a very soft and husky voice, "Oh Mataji, I trust you and please give me the guidance.

"May God fulfill all your manorath, O Radhapyari," Purnmasi said.

At this point Mukhraji hugged Radhaji and asked Purnmasi what is next ritual. "You have to go a do Vaandevi puja and that is only solution." said Purnmasiji.

They all agreed to do the Devi Puja, but, Radhu quietly said to Lalitaji, " I really want to see Krishna, since I have seen His paintings, I have fallen in love with him, I want to meet him. You are a clever sakhi so find a way."

Lalitaji said," Write a letter."

"Good idea, I wil write the letter nad also make a special "Gunja Mala for Krishna. Will you deliver them?

And when every one saw Radha was felling better they left her with Lalitaji who promised Mukraji that Radhaji will back home as soon as they have done puja.

Once everyone has left, Radha sat in the shadow of a tree and started writing on talpatri.

In next episode we will read about Devi Puja.

Daso no das Pushtidas.

Dasa no das Pushtidas

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Posted - 30 November 2004 :  14:54:48
Jai shree Krishna I read Radhaji's letter to Shri krishna but in your epic of Nav-villas you have not mentioned any reply by Thakorji (Krishna). Did He write a letter? If He had, then are you going to post on this epics? Inaxi na jai shri krishna

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Posted - 01 December 2004 :  16:19:05
Jai Shree Krishna Thakorji did reply but I am extremely sorry that I cannot print that here as I have been advised by Shree Vallbhkul Balak not to reveal the reply. I am so sorry/

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