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Shreenathaji Temple Renovation
By n/a
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Added on: 05 June 2005
Author: n/a
Posted by: ketan
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Jai Shree Krishna to all Vaishnavs, There is a rumor of planning to renovate the Shreenathaji Temple at Nathdwara. As per my opinion, it should not be. Because the charm of temple will loose. Today at 30th year i can feel the same as i went to Shreenathaji temple with my grandfather & mother at the age of 6-7.Feel good at Kamalkunj by sitting there to wait for Darshan and many more places in a temple. I request you to all vaishnavs to give your opinion for this issue.

Comments: 2 Comment(s)

By santosh
17 November 2006
Havali is of Shreenathaji and nothing can not be done as per his wish.
By ritesh.sneh
28 May 2013
Thakurji ki ichha anusar kare par mahaprabhuji ka lilla bhav nasta na ho jai Girirajdharan

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