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Photo Album for Shri Dwarkesh Jayanti Celebrations
By Rajesh P. Vagadia - Rajkot (India)
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Article Information
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Added on: 25 May 2005
Author: Rajesh P. Vagadia - Rajkot (India)
Posted by: Rajesh Vagadia
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'Shri Dwarkesh Jayanti' Celebrated at Rajkot - India, View more than 50 photographs with details... ----------------------------------------------------

Dt: 1st May, 2005

Jai Shri Krishna to all the Vallabheey Vaishnavas.

First of all I will congratulate to owners of such a comprehensive site. It was much needed to promote Pushtimarg throughout the globe, and this site serves exactly.

I just became member, and this is my very first posting. I am sevak of PPG Shri Rasikraiji Maharaj. We are very fortunate to be near & dear of Je Je. I also got opportunity to do videsh prachar seva for overseas vaishnavas during Vrajyatra 2004 & on some other occasion.

Recently here on 25th & 27th April, ‘Shri Dwarkesh Jayanti’ was celebrated in huge way, under the guidance of Shri Rasikraiji Maharajshri. Full day Pushti celebrations & a memorable Sangeet Program were nicely organized.

With the Aagya taken from Shri Rasikraiji Maharaj, for whole celebrations I managed to do coverage with minute-to-minute photographs. I completed my task right now & have immense pleasure to share the ‘Photo Album on Shri Dwarkesh Jayanti Celebrations’ with you all.

Please click below link to view detailed coverage with more than 50 photographs on Shri Dwarkesh Jayanti.


I did my humble attempt to make you all aware for such a nice event celebrated here, Hope you will enjoy it.

Also I thanks to this Pushtimargiya website by means of which I could reach up to you.

Jai Shri Krishna to all

Rajesh P. Vagadia Rajkot – India

---------------------- e-mail: girikrupa@yahoo.com

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