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Seva includes cows' raksha
By Dr.Swetal D.Bhavdsar.(Self)
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Added on: 05 June 2005
Author: Dr.Swetal D.Bhavdsar.(Self)
Posted by: drswetal27
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Aadarniya Vaishnava Vadils , Dear Vaishnav Sakha, i want to make an awareness in not only Vaishnavas but in every indians that cows are our mothers , the way we throw the plastics and stolen foods and garbage on roads and cows die after eating these stuffs, with morbid pain, we can sure discuss this matter to everyone as a formal talk and dont force anybody but make them understanding and try to plant a seed of karuna in their hearts, their heart must melt, We can say how do u feel if u die and ur kids are alone, sameway how does it happen to a cow;s kid when she dies, this way we can convince many people not to kill cows and even othr animals too. Please help me to accomplish my wish. We can not feed them much but atleast can not kill them that will be enough.

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By meetprashant
05 April 2007
Visit the following site and see how cows and other animals are brutally slaughtered.

http://www.peta. org


Should we not spead the word and bring awareness to stop slaughtering of innocent animals.

By harshit
28 February 2013
Jai shri krishna

I do agree with ur opinion. We consider cow as our mother yet we r nt doing anything to prevent slaughter of cows nd other cattles... I m sure thakurji must be very sad about this...

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