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Prasang on Tulasi Dasji
By book 'Shreenathji Jeevan Charitra'
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Added on: 10 August 2005
Author: book 'Shreenathji Jeevan Charitra'
Posted by: manoj_thakker
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When World famous writer of ‘Ram Charitra manas’ santh shri Tulasi dasji came to vraj, to call back his brother shri nandasji.

Tulasi Dasji tried very hard to convince nandasji to return with him, but nandasji did not change his mind to leave vraj & Shri Goverdhandharan. Finally after all argument Tulasi Dasji decided to return with out Nandasji.

Now the matter aroused in the maan of Nandasji that Tulasi Dasji being hardcore bhagath of Shri Ramchandraji will not do Dan vat Pranam to Shri Goverdhandharan and if this happens Shri Goverdhandharan will be upset & will be Insult of Shri Goverdhandharan not only this, Tulasi Dasji will also commit a crime. So immediately Nandasji found a way out and requested Shri Goverdhandharan with Kirtan:

“Kaya Kahu Chabi Aaaj Ki Bhale Bane Ho Nath Tulasi Mathe Tab Name Jab Dhanush Baan Ho Hath”

On request of his Atrang Sakha, Shri Goverdhandharan took the swaroop of Shri Ramchandraji and on shri hasta Dhanush & Baan did a vibration of string. Listening to the vibration shri Tulasi Dasji turned and saw Shri Ramchandraji with Dhanush & Baan on Shri Hasta. Immediately Tulasi Dasji did Dan vat Pranam.

‘Dhanya Che Dhanya Che’ by having such a brother, who did what he wanted without hurting respect of elder ness, ‘Dhanya Che Dhanya Che’ Shri Hari who has kept both the brothers in respect. Nandasji told if I leave I will only leave to Nitya Leela. But unsatisfied Tulasi Dasji wanted to have same darshan again.

So Nandasji took him to Shri Gusaiji and narrated the whole story and again requested for the darshan to Tulasi Dasji. Shri Gusaiji with expertise, intelligence and wisdom of Pusti went to the next corridor in the room of his fifth son shri Raghunathji and advised him that

‘Ramchandraji your Bhagath has come to have you darshan'

and came out and said to Tulasi Dasji that your request is granted and prabhu is inside, listening this Tulasi Dasji went inside and Virtually saw Shri Ramchandraji & Shri Sitaji happily sitting.

Shri Tulasi Dasji said ‘Varno Avadh Shri Gokulma’ and did Dan vat Pranam. Listening to his vani, Raghunathji & Janki Bahuji gave blessings to Tulasi Dasji. Shri Gusaiji & Nandasji were standing at the back and saw all of this. Nandasji told Tulasi Dasji if Your Ramchandraji takes the swaroop of Shri Goverdhandharan I will come. Tulasi Dasji knew that it was impossible for Maryada Purshottam Shri Ramchandraji due to the Maryada he holds. And our Goverdhandharan is so flexible that they will first see the sukh of the Vaishnavs. So Tulasi Dasji came out and did Dan vat Pranam to Gusaiji left without Nandasji.

Comments: 1 Comment(s)

By purvi
15 April 2006
jay jay shri gokulesh

thank u manojji for posting such a wonderful prasang.

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