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Holi Prasang
By n/a
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Added on: 01 August 2002
Author: n/a
Posted by: Vasant Punjabi
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jai shri krishna to all,

When shrinathji went to satdhara, in absence of gusaiji, with the help of Girdharji(HE came from mandir to the rath, on HIS shoulders, just imagine the sight of shrinathji on Girdharji's shoulders. wow) and HE stayed here for long around 3 months ( that did give virah to HIS priya kirtaniyaji- Chaturbhujdas). but HE played holi with gusaiji's full parivar in satdhara, all vallabh balak, all betiji and bahuji. ON the final day, they did, sarvasamarpan, of everything, including all ornaments. There was young kamalabetiji(around 8 yrs old). She forgot to give her nose ring. And shrinathji saw that and said " Mari nathni lav" . and betiji did that, and was very happy. A vaishnav saw all this and was very impressed, so he made same ornaments, and gave it as bhet to the vallabh parivar. ( Guru na ghar nu dravya kyare na khute). Meanwhile, chaturbhuj das, sang heelag, with intense virah,"savre lal tum bin raha na jay". and thakorji couldn't bear it. so HE told girdharji "that gusaiji is comign back from gujrat, we have to go back to giriraj (HIS temple) otherwise HE'll be worried not seeing me in mandir". and HE said no rajbhog today. we'll ahve it there. so HE hurried up and diddn't have rajbhog. All the while chaturbhujdas kept singing in virah, and thakorji would keep saying " aa rayo hu " i am coming.. and they reached in time. HE got down from Girdharji's shoulders, and was bouncing on Giraraj na sheelas( the stair case sort) to reach up the temple. and gave darshan to Chaturbhujdas.

HE had equal anxiety to meet his das. HOw wonderful. and then HE had rajbhog. meanwhile Gusaiji came. and he said "this time is shayan bhog then how come its lunch. and girdharji explained. and Gusaiji was very delighted and said "baba aap ne shram kyon kiyo?" HE replied " main faag khelan gayo hato, aap birajo to na ja sakoon. kyon ki priya ke ghar to vaki gair hajri mein jave to sneh adhik hain aiso snehi ko lage"( as Gusaiji was chandravali and he can't go in goosaiji's presence to leela na swaroop no anusandhan thai, and badhu pragat thai jai. ) je pragat kare to pachhi hal na jeev digest na kari sake".

Pardon all mistakes Jai Shri Krishna.

Comments: 3 Comment(s)

By yogini
22 January 2003
Thanks for this valuable information I only new the story from VISHU PURAN, keep up the good work.
By shahhetp
23 September 2005
GOOD article, looking forward for another such article.
By Ranjangg
03 January 2006
GOOD ARTICLE looking forward for another such informative articles

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