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 The Baithakji at HimGopal, near Mysore
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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 08 October 2005 :  19:19:36
Jai Shree Krishna





Edited by - shreekant22 on 26 October 2005 13:18:34

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 31 October 2005 :  17:26:34

Jai Shree Krishna

The Basic Information

The Himgopal Mandir is situated on the Hills of Vindhyachala, about 2 hours drive from Mysore. There is a proper road leading to the temple and is easily accessible . The Temple to Locals is known as VenuGopal Temple.

HimGopal Mandir:

The Mandir of HimGopal is close to six hundered years old, built as per the south Indian temple architecture, is made of solid stone on top of a mountain. The Temple has only one deity at its abode, that of Shree Krishna. It has a inner sanctum, a inner prakara and a open prakar/court yard.

More to follow.....

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Entry Level Member

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Posted - 02 January 2006 :  22:29:38

Eagerly awaiting to have full informative details on this Baithak.This is very good news for pushti vaishnav communities.Our heartiest congrats to  P.P.G 108 shree Ajaybawashree of Pune.

Can it be known out of 84 baithakjis which is still unknown to this date?

I have read  Param bhagvadiya Krishnadas and Shardaben of Gondal had visited most of the baithakjis by foot in the year 1955.If possible please furnish more information on all our 84 baithakjis which Mahaprabhuji visited and till date remain unexplore to the vaishnav communities.

Shree vallbha dheesh ki jai


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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 28 March 2006 :  12:19:51

Jai Shree Krishna

The Swaroopa at the Temple:

At the Temple Shree Krishna Swaroopa is Biraajmaan. Shree Thakorji is in standing posture, In Tribhangi Mudra, Play  Flute. Right behind the swaroopa is a large icon of a Tree, spreading its shadow over Shree Thakorji, very much akin to Shree Sheshnagji fanning his Hood over Shree Prabhu. On either sides of the Swaroopa of Shree Thakorji are 6 Gopis, in Two rows, in various dancing positions. At the feet of Shree Thakroji, on either side are the swaroopas swaminijis. One of them is Shree Rukmaniji and the other swaminiji is Shree Sathyabhamaji.

The unique aspect of the temple swaroopa:

Along the trunk of the tree, water is always trikling down. The Temple is at such a hieght on the peak point of the mountain, that clouds at all times keep stiking the Temples inner sanctum, forming a mist around it, and the mist turnsinto water and flows down the trunk, always at all times. In fact, all around the inner inner sanctorium one can see water trickling down. It is for this eason that Pabhu here is known as HimGopal or HemGopal, were in Hem means mist, as he is always surrounded by the mist.

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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 14 May 2006 :  18:34:40

Jai Shree Krishna

Shree Mahaprabhujis visit to Himgopal:

It is beleived that during is first Boomandal Parikaram Our beloved Shree Vallabh visited HimGopal, and spent close to a month at the venue. Mahaprabhuji himself did seva of the biraajman Swaroopa. With sparsh of Shree Vallabh on Shree Thakorjis shree ang, Shree Thakorji became  extremely happay, and told Mahaprabhuji, that inspite of being surrounded by a forest full of Sandalwood trees, shrouded by the misty clouds, it was the sparsh of Shree Mahaprabhuji that gave him extreme sheetalta, and great satisfaction. It is beleived that during the one month stay of Shree Vallabh there, Aapshree used to visit the temple daily and had innumerable chats with Shree Thakorji.

The uniquness of Shree Vallabhacharyas visit:

It is believed that many acharyas, including Shree Ramanuja, Shree Nimabarka visited the Temple during their lifetime and have offered worship to the Deity, but none of them ever stayed their. It was only our Shree Mahaprabhuji who spent almost a month at the devine venue.

The  Venue outline:

Dear Vaishnavs, only a visit to the very palce can give the actual impact of the palce, but I with all my limitiations, make my best effort.....

All around the venue is nothing but thick dense forest. A forest tht once upon a time boasted of a very thick population of Sandalwood trees. However, the Veerappan brigands slaughtering of the trees has left its mark on these hills. In fact it is beleived that the forest brigand use to even come and stay at the temple, many a times. Even today, the utsav swaroopa due to threats from dacoits is not kept in the temple, but brought to the temple only during the festival time.

It is a very densly populated area of various trees even today, and one of the most popular tree with in the surrounding areas of the venue were Shree Vallabh was biraajmaan is the Badraksh Tree, from which we get the Badraksh fal/seed, very similar looking to Rudraksh. 

 Visit to the Temple by PPG 108 Shree Ajay bawashree:

With the grace of Shree Thakorji, and his devine call, PPG 108 Shree Ajay bawashree, biraajmaan at Chennai, expressed his desire to visit the Temple and also the place were Shree Mahaprabhuji had been Biraajman. It was truely a devine call, and with Aapshree's krupa, blessed was I and PB Shree Vrajesh bhai, to accompany Bawashree to the devine venue.

We first visited the Temple. The poojari there was very gracious enough to offer a special pooja to Shree thakorji, Bawashree entered the main sanctum of the Temple, and after the pooja and offering of Uparna to Bawashree, we requested the poojari to show us the spot were Shree Vallabh has recided during his visit to Himgopal.

The Poojaris words....

He told us about the unique visit of Shree Vallabh and his unique stay at the venue for closer to a month.

He further proceeded to expalin that down below, almost close to 800 feet below the palce were the temple ws located was a spot, were under the Badraksh tree, was a stone, having a flat base. According to belief, it at this very location The Agasthya Muni performed his penance, more than 2000 years back, when he visited the venue, and it was he who installed the who installed the present swaroopa of Shree thakorji at the temple. The Super struncture of the temple came to existance only 600 years back, but before the visit of Shree Mahaprabhuji.

The poojari further clarifeid that it is believed that at the very same spot, even Shree Mahaprabhuji too presided, and spent close to a month.

Probabalities that prove this theory True:

1.Almost along the location, runs a jharna, a water stream. This was a pre-requsite for Shree Mahaprabhuji to do his sandhyavandan daily, three times a day.

2. We read that during the visit of Shree Mahaprabhuji to the Himalayas, Aapshree conversed with Shree Vyasji on Shreemad Bhagwatji, it is highly possible that here to Shree Mahaprabhuji conversed with Shree Agasthya muniji

3. The local tribes on the Ugadi day gather at the spot and offer a huge meal to the Shila, and on this day it is said that naked bathis when lit and placed in water, literally float, without being extinguished. Shree Mahaprabhuji is Agni swaroopa and without his krupa, such an act would be a rarity. Again Ugadi as a festival is alein to Karnataka, but is a very important festival to Shree Vallabh himself.

Our Journey to the Gupt Baithak spot:

The poojari requested one the men their to take us to the spot. We waited for a few moments. and soon three men accompanied us. One of the Temple gaurds pointed at some distant spot on the next mountain, and told that it was somewere their.

let me be frank here, that none of us had the faintest idea of what we were getting into. So engrossed were we in visiting the devine spot, that none of even bothered to ask how far it was, how was the route etc. etc. nor were we carrying any kind of accessories, not even a stick for that matter.

The Man form the temple and the two forest gaurds moved ahead, Shree Vrajesh bhai followed them, then Shree Bawashree and last was me. Our journey began...

We started moving away from the temple, towards the west direction, on to mountain. Hardly had we crossed a few meters and what looked like small lawn grass initially had risen and know was almsot upto our hips, and so dense that we could not see our feet even .  The ground below us started to slope and became very steep, 500m away form the temple, now moving towards the north, we were no more walking but slding ouselves with the help of the thick elephant grass all around us, The visibility was just 2 to 3 feet, and it was now that it dawned on us that we were into a very thick forest.  The forest officer slowed down sensing some danger, then advised us to follow him only after getting a confirmation call from him. An enquiry revealed that the Elephants usually visited the spot for drinking water from the stream below and they sensed that they were somewere around. Amidst catcalls and route tactics, we covered 75% of the distance, to find that our feet were infested by leeches. We had to literally pull them of our skins, and at one point thought of stopping and going back.

However, Shree Bawashree simply said do not worry, lets keep going, and with his prernatmak words, we moved ahead, and soon reached the spot. we had cross the naroww stream, remove our foot weare and climb on to the shila.  We sat at the devine spot and recited Shree Sarvottam stotra.

In the forest officers words:

It was not even more than five minutes, when the forest officer advised us to leave. He only then revealed that this place is never visited by anyone, not even by the tribals. He said that without devine intervention it was not possible to visit the spot, and said that you people have been able to do so only because of the grace of the god. Myself and Shree Vrajesh bhai exchanged meaningfull glances, knowing fully well that it was because of the devine presence of Shree Vallabhkul that we were able to make this journey, if not it would not have been possible.

We witnessed Shree Hariraiprabhucharan Vallabh sakhis live demonstration....

Vallabhkul sab ek hai, sab hi ek swaroop,  Choto bado na jaanyo, sab hi agni swaroop.

Having paid our obseience to the devine baithakji of Shree Mahaprabhuji, we started our climb back towards the temple, following elephant footmarks, and literally placing our foot on their footprints. We finally reached the temple. The Poojari their acknowledged the fact that Shree Ajay Bawashree was the very first person to have visited the Gupt Baithakji down below. He said many acharyas and sadhus visit the temple, but none have made it to the devine place, including a sadhu from the himalayas, who came late in the evening and hence could not visit the place.

We washed ourselves, and we once again the real pratap of Agni swaroop....

Vaishnavs, myself, Vrajesh bhai, the temple representative, the two forestqaurds, all had been attacked by the leeches and plenty of their bite marks in both our legs, but the Charankamal of PPG 108 Shree Ajaybawashree were absolutely clean, not a bite mark, not scratch on aapshrees feet.That is truely the pratap of Shree Agni swaroop.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki Jai .

It took us close to 6 hours to realise that we were back form the adventurous journey. And I truelybelieve if not for the devien grace of bawashree we would have never made it to the place. A journey that we planned for long, finally took place with the devine blessing of Shree Thakorji, and that too under the direct grace of Shree Vallabhkul.

My sashtaang dandvat pranams to Shree Ajay bawashree for his devien benovalence.

A offer Sashtang dandvat to the samast Vallakul for being so krupalu on us jeevs and offering margdarshan at everystage, everytime and always.

Let us join and say....

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki Jai.

Note of clarification: Dear Vaishnavs, at a few places, the above description may seem to be boastful of my personal self. If at all you feel so, I offer my humble apologies to you all for the same, and humbly clarify, most defintely it is not intentional and please be graceful enough in offering kshama for the same.

Photographs will be posted soon.


Edited by - shreekant22 on 14 May 2006 18:53:59

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President - Pushtikul.com

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Posted - 16 May 2006 :  00:18:00

Jai Shri Krishna Shreekantbhai !!

The description of your visit simply was like me visiting the Baithakji with you.

The whole episode proved just as you said :-

Vallabhkul sab ek hai, sab hi ek swaroop,  Choto bado na jaanyo, sab hi agni swaroop

Please do covey my Sashtang Dandwat Pranam to P.P.G. Shri Ajaybawashree.

Also we are feeling lucky to have you and Vrajeshbhai as members of Pushtikul because Aaap Jaise Kripa-patra Bhagvadiya Vaishnavo ka sang hamare liye Sarvottam Satsang hai, aur aap jaise Vaishnavo ki Kaani se hi hame bhi Prabhu ki kripa mil sakti hai.

Thanks a million for sharing the experience with us.

We all are awiaiting eagerly for the photographs.

Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jai !!

Anand A. Majethia


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Entry Level Member

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Posted - 05 September 2006 :  02:16:04

Jai shree Krishna,


  Thanks for sharing such invaluable great experiences with us,as anand said when i was reading article

i was also with u all during visit to baithakji,

Jai shree krishna.

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Entry Level Member

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Posted - 07 September 2006 :  15:49:29

Jai shree krishna

can you please provide me more information about how to go there.. as i stay close to mysore..and after reading the about the visit of shreekantji....

i want to really visit that place... atlest try going there.. it will be great if you can provide me detiails how to go there.and does the PUJARI of the temple will understand english or Hindi as.. i dont know their local language... it will be great if someone can provide me information in detail..

JAi shree krishna

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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 18 November 2006 :  19:20:50

Jai Shree krishna

I will soon post the details.

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Mover & Shaker Member

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Posted - 27 February 2007 :  21:43:05

Jai Shri Krishna

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us.
Awaiting further details with lots of anticipation and looking forward to visiting the same

We were fortunate to be able to enjoy the visit to some of the bethakjis in south india this time during our visit in january

Best Wishes

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Entry Level Member

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Posted - 01 June 2013 :  23:28:17
Jai Shri Krishna. I am keen to go for darshan at the baithakji. Can someone share the address and directions. As per the information available online, it is Gupt Baithakji. Thanking all, Vallabha Dheesh ki Jai ! Manan

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