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 All about Pushtimarg & Seva: List of Articles ( 134 articles)

Pushtimarg and Vaishnavs of today
(Added : 15/05/2009 Hits : 19680 Rating: 6 Votes: 2)
vachnamruts on pushtimarg and vaishnavs by Ni.Li. - Goswami ranchora[c]harya ji maharaj (prathamesh)

Human-nature and Bhagvad Kripa
(Added : 21/10/2006 Hits : 6870 Rating: 9 Votes: 15)
Why should imperfections remain in the heart where Thakorji resides? When we say we should live in sansar Jalkamalvat, do we?

essence of pustimarg.
(Added : 25/10/2006 Hits : 3228)
1-ananya ashraya. 2-atmanivedan& sarva samarpan. 3-satsang. 4- sadalaap.loving devotion(seva)of shri thakorji along with total faith in the path shown by shri mahaprabhuji.that is the true essence of pustimarg.

Shri Hariraiji
(Added : 02/01/2006 Hits : 4074 Rating: 9 Votes: 3)
a Prasang of Shri Hariraiji

Silver Varakh A non veg Substance
(Added : 04/11/2005 Hits : 5417 Rating: 10 Votes: 8)
Silver Varakh that you use in Seva may be a Non Veg Substance.

Prasang on Tulasi Dasji
(Added : 10/08/2005 Hits : 3507 Rating: 8 Votes: 4)
Leela of Shree Thakorji

Seva includes cows' raksha
(Added : 05/06/2005 Hits : 3010 Rating: 8 Votes: 3)
Cows are giving us milks and we refrain their kids from their milk, in this way there is a big obligation of cows on us.

Photo Album for Shri Dwarkesh Jayanti Celebrations
(Added : 25/05/2005 Hits : 3348)
Here at Rajkot (India) 'Shri Dwarkesh Jayanti' Celebrated on 25th & 27th April, under the guidence of Shri Rasikraiji Maharajshri. Coverage with minute-to-minute photographs for this celebrations are available. There are more than 50 photos with details. You are specially Invited to view this album & coverage. See content for more details. Rajesh P. Vagadia Rajkot - India

Shreenathaji Temple Renovation
(Added : 05/06/2005 Hits : 3352 Rating: 9 Votes: 4)
Is it good to Renovate Shreenathaji Temple ?? Give your opinion.

Shree Madhavraijis Vivhaa Ustsav and Fair
(Added : 25/05/2005 Hits : 2853)
Madhavpur is the place of great importance to Pushtimargiya Vaishnavs. Shree Mahaprabhuji's 66th Baithakji graces the place along with Shree MAdhavraijis Grand temple. The land is associate with Shree Krishna's Vivhaa with Stm. Rukshmani and is celebrated every year.

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